So I have some great news! I created a raised garden bed! Yesterday I mentioned to my dad about how I could create my own raised garden bed and there are tonssss of ways that you can accomplish this. My dad came up with a cheap way to do this. So all you’ll need is:

  • Storage container
  • 10ft of 4in corrugated pipe (you will need to cut 4 6in pieces and 2 8in pieces)
  • 10ft of 1in pvc pipe (you will need to cut 1 1 ft piece)
  • Knives, scissors
  • Soil & water

So it’s kind of difficult for me to explain how this works but I will try.

  1.  Drill holes into the top of the container
  2.  Outline two 4in circles on the top towards the middle (the 8in long corrugated pipes will go through these) and one 1in circle near the corner (the pvc pipe will go through this)
  3. Cut the top so it can fit half way through the container (This will be used to separate the soil from the dirt)
  4.  Place the 4 6in corrugated pieces on the bottom of the container and then the top over them.
  5. Place the 2 8in corrugated pipe through the holes and the pvc pipe through its hole.
  7.  Place a hose into the pvc pipe so the bottom of the container can fill with water. (A hole should be drilled into the side of the container 5 inches up) Once the hole starts leaking, there is enough water.
  8. Then the soil should be placed in all the way to the top.

IMG_5531 IMG_5532 IMG_5533 IMG_5534 IMG_5535 IMG_5540 IMG_5541 IMG_5542 IMG_5551

I haven’t planted any seeds yet and I placed a bag over the soil to limit evaporation, so when I plant my seeds I will only cut the bag where the plants will grow out of. This is also going to prevent the little neighborhood kitties and their friends from using my garden as their litter box.

I used potting mix, if you’re going to do this and use any type of potting soil/garden soil/vermiculite be sure that it is labeled with OMRI, this stands for organic materials review institute. It guarantees that the product is 100% organic.

The hardest part of this project was cutting the top just right so it could fit halfway through the container. I was getting very frustrated but I knew that the end result would be worth it.

Now my next mission will be to figure out what plants I want to grow in this container and plant them!

I have another container that I haven’t cut up yet, so I’ll still have space to put all my other seeds.

image (26) I recently purchased a bunch of seeds from SeedsNow and they are a great company! I purchased broccoli, artichoke, peppers, lettuce, lavender, arugula, cucumbers, and carrot seeds. I’m going to have a lot of work to do.

So far I planted lavender and arugula in little containers so I can later transplant them.


I planted them only 3 days ago and they’re already starting to sprout! (This is arugula btw)

Also my tomatoes are growing 🙂


This is the result of 3 weeks. I’m so excited to transplant these.

My previous post was about the pumpkin cornbread that I made and today I finally made a little something to accompany the bread.

This is what you’ll need:

  • 3 tablespoons of Honey
  • Sugar (just a pinch)
  • Salt (just a pinch)
  • 8 tablespoons of butter
  • Vanilla (about 3 drops)
  • Cinnamon (a dash)

And you’ll get cinnamon butter!!!! Wooooooooooooo

IMG_5547  IMG_5549

I put into my Nutri-bullet until it was nice and smooth.IMG_5548

It was absolutely delicious and I was so happy it came out so well, and it’s so simple to make.

ALSO I’m in the process of making more pickles!


And I placed some carrots in there just because.

Happy Sunday ❤

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