From frozen pumpkin chunks to yummy pumpkin gnocchi

After I cut up my pumpkin, which seems like months ago, I decided to use it for something that I’ve never made before….. gnocchi!

Gnocchi is like an Italian dumpling, it is absolutely delicious, if done correctly. So I googled pumpkin gnocchi and I came across a couple recipes that got me excited. You could make some with potato, some with walnuts or garlic but I decided to go simple, my ingredients went as follows:

  •  1 egg
  •  About 8-12 leaves of sage
  •  Nutmeg, salt and pepper to taste
  •  2 & 3/4 cups of pureed pumpkin
  •  Roughly 1 cup of flour
  •  2 tablespoons of butter
  •  Parmesan cheese (how ever much you desire)

I had a to use wayyy more than just 1 cup of flour because my pumpkin was incredibly watery (partly because it was frozen). I put my frozen pumpkin in the oven to heat up and defrost but unfortunately I didn’t leave it in the oven long enough because there was so much water when I was cutting up and pureeing it. If your pumpkin is watery as well add more flour but be careful, don’t use too much because the flour will mask the pumpkin flavor. But nonetheless, you just fold all the ingredients together, except for the butter and sage.

Have a boiling pot of water ready to place your dough in.

In order for the dough to become gnocchi, you must roll them into your balls! I placed flour on my hands so my dough won’t stick all over my fingers and I made little balls. Proper gnocchi is not rolled into balls but I wasn’t trying to be fancy, I was just trying to see if I could even make them!

Once they are rolled you place them into your boiling water and it shouldn’t take but a couple of minutes for them to float to the surface, once this happens they are done.

But in the mean time, you should have your pan ready with your butter melting with the sage leaves, you should also add some of your gnocchi water into the pan to make a little sauce.

Once the gnocchi starts to float you take them out and transfer them to the pan with the butter and sage so they can brown and finish cooking, within a minute or two pour parmesan cheese on them and let it all fold together and then put them on your plate to eat! I added more grated nutmeg and salt and pepper on top of my hot gnocchi.

Surprisingly this came out amazingly for me and everyone in my family loved it and ate it for dinner. (I’m very proud of myself)

image1 (1)

image2 (1) ( I used freshly grated nutmeg)

image3 (1) (yummy pumpkin gnocchi)

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