I have come back to revitalize my blog! I have left my blog for a long time and I absolutely regret it. Despite my absence I have continued on my journey of living healthy. Since around April I have stopped eating meat, mind you I still eat eggs and other animal products. I am trying to get rid of them as well, but its a little tougher than I expected. EVERYTHING HAS ANIMAL PRODUCTS! (At least everything I love eating). I do not drink milk, besides coconut and almond milk. I never really liked milk that much, I would drink it with cereal and something chocolaty but that’s it. So getting rid of it wasn’t that hard for me. I have switched from using dairy butter to using Smart Balance. I must admit Smart Balance isn’t the healthiest choice. The healthiest is using mashed avocado or coconut oil, which I do use and I must admit is absolutely delicious. But I haven’t tried using avocado to substitute butter in baking (which I should) so I use Smart Balance instead. It is dairy free and also non-gmo! Eggs is one thing that I just cannot give up. I love eggs. Scrambled, hard boil, sunny side up, they are all so good! I’m not sure if I’m going to try to give that up because I believe that everyone’s body is different and what my body needs is different from what your body might need. Despite my saying that I’ve given up milk and butter, I do love baked goods and ice cream and I do not hesitate to eat them.

On another note:

I have also decided to dedicate more of my blog posts to beauty. How to not only be healthy, natural and organic with what you eat but also with what you put on your body. Shampoos, lotions, toothpaste and etc, all contain chemicals that aren’t exactly healthy for you so look forward to more posts on how to get rid of those chemicals. For example, I have started scrubbing my face with honey and lemon. It makes my face so much smoother and it feels fresh. I have recently started doing this so I’ll keep you posted on how that goes for me.

Happy Sunday ❤

“A Sunday well spent brings a week on content.”IMG_7662

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