100% Organic Facial Toner – DIY

Kitchen Witch Kim


If you’re only using vinegar in you’re salad dressing you’re totally missing out!  I admit, the idea was less than appealing, to slather kitchen vinegar on my face, but I did it in hopes this would be a last ditch effort to revitalize & tone my acne prone, irritable, aging skin.  After seeing the results I’m feeling so dumb for choosing chemical laden toxic potions on my beautiful organic skin!


  1. It shrinks pores.
  2. It gives your skin PH balance, which means less oily skin.
  3. It protects. By shrinking the pores it protects your skin from impurities.
  4. It’s a natural humectant & binds moisture to the skin.
  5. It leaves skin revitalized & refreshed. Even on the go it can be used in leu of washing.
  6. It prevents ingrown hairs. Boom. Enough said.

Choose a natural toner, like Apple Cider Vinegar Toner, to help brighten & balance…

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