Happy October!

Finally the fall holidays are approaching and they’re approaching fast! I’m ready for fall festivals and cooler weather! (Finally I’ll get some seasons, given I don’t live in South Florida anymore). Every first of the month I try to set goals for myself and usually by the middle of the month those goals are out the window. But I am determined to not let that happen this month. So for my blog I want it to be a place where people really want to go to read and interact. For that to happen I need feedback! Tell me what you hate about this blog, what you love and what I can improve on.

This month is also the month my blog will be a year! (October 20th) I’m really excited about it too. I know this blog could be way better than it is. I’m not that good at writing, looking back I really wish I minored in journalism or something like that, and I suck as a photographer BUT I’m going to try really hard to make this blog A1. That’s why your feedback is so important. Other than that thanks to you guys that do read my blog and give me feedback, I really appreciate it and it means a lot to me. My biggest fan girl is my friend Laura, hahaha she’ll text me saying “Your blog makes me happy, so happy” and seriously that warms my heart. So thank you guys! ❤

I am also going to try to incorporate music and books into this blog! I have been updating my Sound cloud and I’m really looking into new music especially by local artists. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t listen to music and I’d like for the music to change from being “Top 40” and “mainstream” artists. Right now I’m in love with this song by Whilk & Misky called Clap your hands. If you check out my Sound cloud (bnnanney) I reposted the song and its the Addal Edit. Also the song WellWouldYouLookAtThat by Bones & Xavier Wulf and one more, All in Your Mind by Parker Foti.

Also books! I love reading but since Netflix I haven’t really read any books. I used to be that girl in 3rd grade that had so many books in her backpack that her back hurt so much. The summer reading list for school used to be my favorite! I would think I was so cool when I would look at the list and have already read a good majority of the books. I would read 2-3 books at a time and now I read none, so I am determined to read every day (no longer am I going to fall asleep watching Netflix). I am currently reading The Flags of Our Fathers, I’m an extremely patriotic person so I love this book so far. But I also like authors such as Isabel Allende and Ayn Rand, so I hope to find more books like that. I think the next one for me will be The Portrait of Dorian Gray. If you guys have books you think I’d like share them!

Today is also World Vegetarian Day! There’s a ton of information about it on worldvegetarianday.org. Give vegetarian a try at least for a day, it’s seriously not that bad.

I came across a post about Maya Angelou on Facebook and this quote from her is really amazing “Do the best you can until you know better. Then, when you know better, do better.”

With that I will leave you guys to have a great first of the month.

Happy October,

-Nicole ❤

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