Parmesan Potato Gnocchi

Last year around this time I made pumpkin gnocchi and I really liked it. To confess, I absolutely love pasta, and all kinds of it. I decided to make gnocchi again! But this time out of potato.

Like all my posts I’m just going to tell you what I did and urge you to try it your self.

I did not take any measurements in this recipe, I just went by my gut instinct. Primarily because most recipes that I saw called for  2 pounds of potato that I did not have and I rather work with what I have versus going out to the store and just wasting all my time.

To start I pre-heated my oven to 350 degrees and washed and cut my potatoes into quarters to cut my baking time a little shorter.

****DO NOT DO THIS! I only did this because I waited too long to make dinner but didn’t want to make something less time consuming.****

I suggest just cleaning your potatoes and baking them whole, only puncturing the potatoes so moisture can escape. I baked my potatoes instead of boiling them because I read that baking them will release moisture that you do not want in your gnocchi (the more moist your potatoes are the more flour you’re going to have to use).

You’re going to have to bake your potatoes for about an hour, or until your fork can easily enter the potatoes.

Once your potatoes are cooked, the next step is to peel them and mash them. I didn’t have a “ricer” so I had to use my masher.

After that you’re going to mix in flour and an egg, I’m sorry I didn’t take measurements! But when you add in the egg your mixture is going to be sticky and you basically use enough flour to not make your mixture sticky anymore.

*** Do not over mix ***

Once your mixture is good, you’re going to roll it similarly to how you would roll dough for a pretzel and then just cut them into little extremely miniature pillows. IMG_8530

Get a pot of salted water boiling and pour in your gnocchi. It’ll only take probably about 4 minutes for them to be done. They float to the top when they’re done. So immediately after you put your gnocchi to boil you should have you pan ready with butter and garlic cooking on medium heat. Once your gnocchi has floated just transfer it from the pot to the pan and you can include some of that gnocchi water into it to try to get a sauce going.

It should only take about a couple minutes until your gnocchi is done in the pan, but right before it is done add in your parmesan (however much you like, I used A LOT). I also made sure to add salt (to taste) and you don’t have to but I added red pepper flakes.

And finally you are done!

This took me about 2 hours, because I am a novice and still learning the ropes. But I’m hoping eventually I can do this with my eyes closed.


I really do hope you guys try this out. Gnocchi is really good, one of my favorite pastas.

If you guys do try it, let me know! Share your recipes, I’d love to hear about them.

Hope you guys have a great Thursday!

-Love Nicole ❤

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