See & Sew

Since I’ve moved to Georgia I have been spending a lot of time with my mother, a woman who loves going to antique and boutique shops. I recently went to this beautiful antique shop in Augusta, Georgia and I fell in love with the place. It’s filled with beautiful furniture and tons of knick-knacks. There is this one area that has the quirkiest aprons and skirts that I’ve ever seen. And I got the brightest idea that I could do that too. So I went to the store to buy some fabric and the little outline packet.

Once I came home I realized I was in over my head. But I was determined to accomplish it.

It took me about two days to do it and if you haven’t already guessed this was my first sewing project and I had to youtube sewing 101. And let me tell you, those videos are extremely helpful. I have a hard time reading instructions and just “getting it”. I have to read it out loud and watch videos on how it’s done. Once I watched the youtube videos I felt really confident. IMG_8392

Once I was done I put it on and showed my parents. They were proud and told me what I could work on and things of that nature.

I will definitely try this again and make different patterns and styles.


I urge you guys to try new things and push the envelope a little!

While I was sewing this I kept thinking about how most women used to know how to sew, they made their children’s clothes and how far we are now from that. I think sewing is just a nice hobby to do.

Let me know about hobbies you guys are  doing, I’d love to know and possibly try it too!

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