Final Cut Equals Unique Finds 

I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say we all like a good deal, right? Right. Well luckily for those of you in the Augusta, Ga area there is a fantastic place for you to get a good deal and unique finds. From bras to shoes to wedding dresses to bed frames, they really do have it all. Final Cut is for those of us that want to dress like we’re going to coachella without paying the coachella prices. For those of us that love owning unique pieces without going completely bankrupt. This is the place you’ve been looking for. 

The outside of this place is nothing special, it just says Final Cut but you go in and you get so overwhelmed by everything you just don’t know where to start. (Or at least that’s what happens to me) 

Now let me warn you guys, really cool things will not just pop out at you and say “buy me!”. You will have to do some work. There are tons of boxes that are filled with clothes and in order to find something you like you’re going to have to dig. But it’s worth it, the clothes are from Free People, Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, and Asics shoes. 

For me the clothes all over the place is extremely overwhelming and I do get discouraged but I keep coming back. 

The first thing that my family and I bought were these GORGEOUS shoes.  


They’re from Urban Outfiters and we all know Urban is kinda on the expensive side. At Final Cut these shoes were only $30 and they were the only ones there. I looked them up online and Urban is selling them for 79$ so thanks Final Cut for that price. 

And today I bought another great pair of heels.   


These heels are from Spendid. I’ve never really seen the brand before and I don’t know much about them but I looked them up and they’re pretty expensive. They have a plain t-shirt for $80! Talk about ridiculous. I found a pair of heels that look just like these but just a solid color and they’re $179 HUGE difference from the $30 that I bought them for. 

Besides the cool shoes they also have furniture that’ll turn your boring place into the most happenin’ spot around. And they have guys that’ll help you load your furniture into your car.

Around the store they have signs saying how much some items are priced. 

For some of the nicer items this is pretty cool but with some stuff it’s like “Do I really want to pay $25 for this jacket?” And that’s why you have to shop smart. I think this place is great for shoes. Shoes can be unreasonably expensive but Final Cut helps with that. One thing that is EXTREMELY annoying is that they might not have the size you want. Nothing is more painful than find the most beautiful pair of shoes that you can’t live without and not being able to find your size. #FirstWorldProblems 

 But buyers beware all sales are final and they make that clear with signs all over the store.  
This place isn’t my favorite but I like going when I have time to look around, you never know what you’ll find. If you’re ever in the Augusta area check it out! 


Happy Saturday 💜

3 Replies to “Final Cut Equals Unique Finds ”

  1. Kinda reminds of TJ/TK Maxx, where you can get silly money discounts. I purchased a pair of coach sandals in genuine Python for £17, and three Wolford bodies for £20 each. So it ended up around 90% discount or more.

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