Medical Marijuana Legalization Amendment 2 Florida

Medical marijuana has been a topic of discussion for quite some time. And I’m quite positive everyone knows the arguments for each side so I will not get into that because then I would be writing 1232+ pages and I’m not about all of that right now. I just want to give you guys the brief facts of this amendment.

In 2014 an amendment similar to this one was sent forth and it failed. So a more precise amendment has been created, hence Amendment 2. Now the amendment allows medical marijuana to be recommended to those suffering from epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s Disease and more. Currently, 25 states have authorized the use of medical marijuana so it is no wonder that Florida is considering this.

This amendment would not allow doctors to prescribe the marijuana, doctors are only allowed to recommend it because it is still illegal. With the recommendation patients can go to a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. These centers are ran by the state and patients are able to get the drug from them.


Supporters of this amendment reference the extensive research that has been done on medical marijuana. Claiming that the drug aids patients who suffer from an array of diseases. United for Care is a group that firmly supports this amendment.


The Florida Medical Association and the Drug Free Committee opposes this amendment. Many people believe that this will make marijuana candy easily available to those that do not know the difference between drug infused candy and the innocent candy found at the grocery store. So in short, our children. Just to be clear, the amendment does not actually mention any candy, it says food, oils, ointments and aerosols.  Many believe that the passing of this amendment would merely be a step stone for the legalization of the drug.

There is also concern about how many Centers there will actually be. It is estimated that there will be hundreds of them considering how many patients there are and how many may take the recommendation of the doctors.

****There is obviously a lot more about this amendment than what I’m sharing but those who are not interested in politics probably don’t really care that much.***

It pretty much boils down to if you think that those suffering from diseases such as HIV, Parkinson’s and epilepsy should be able to receive medical marijuana or if they shouldn’t.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or comments!


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  1. hippiegirl5 says:

    I do not live in Florida. But as someone who has been prescribed many epilepsy, narcolepsy etc prescriptions and had many side effects to those medicines that were supposed to help.. You have to start somewhere. That’s what an amendment like this does. It is only a start. But it is a start. Hopefully Indiana follows soon.

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