Month: October 2018

DIY Maid of Honor Proposal

I had a blast trying to figure out my DIY maid of honor proposal. It was the one thing that I was not stressed out about! Check out how I did it. read more

Indian Healing Clay

Good evening!
The great thing about my life right now (besides being engaged and blessed beyond measure) is that I went from working full time to working part time! Yes, there is a side of me that is freaking out because I have so much free time now but, let me tell you, I can relax, focus on school and really take care of myself.
And that is where this Indian Healing Clay comes in. This stuff is amazing! It is so easy to use and it gets rid of everything that has been building up on your face. Let me give credit where credit is due, shout out to my sister in law who put me on to this clay a couple of years ago!
You’ll need: read more