DIY Wedding Sign

***This is a sponsored post, written by myself and sponsored by Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc.***


Hello everyone!

So, wedding planning is in full swing.What we have booked so far:

  • The venue! Thank God, it is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to share photos of this amazing place. 

  • An amazing photographer! She has really helped us figure out how we’re going to do this wedding.

  • A really awesome DJ who is so willing to help us pick out music that is just for us. 

And now, we are left with the daunting task to find a caterer. This part of wedding planning has been the most stressful for me. We both want amazing food (if you haven’t already noticed, we eat everything) but we would prefer not to spend SO MUCH money on this wedding. This is so difficult for us and we have tried to figure out creative ways to feed our guests but still have it turn out amazing. This is still in the works, so we haven’t nailed anything down yet.  Honestly, this is all so draining, overwhelming and sometimes I don’t even want to have a wedding anymore. But, I have to stay strong and remember that it will be amazing to celebrate with family and friends.

Well, early on, Jacob and I decided that we wanted this wedding to be intimate and have a lot of details either created by us or reflective of our personalities. I managed to come across some amazing white picket fence type wood that would work perfect as a wedding entrance sign. All I am planning to do is repaint it white, get wood cut outs of both of our names and the date of our wedding and add some beautiful flowers. My sister and I already started repainting the sign, which I was super excited about. This style is what we are looking for:


But with this!


It doesn’t look like much but I am so excited to make what I’m thinking in my head become a reality. IMG_3293.jpgIt’s so nice right? I have to buy the wooden cut-outs of our names. I’ve been looking at tons of Etsy shops that have something along the lines of what we’re looking for, I’m just not sure which one to go with.If you know a cool Etsy shop that might have what we’re looking for, do not hesitate to share!Well, I ran into this awesome company Saw Trax  . They are a business for all of your hardware needs such as wood cutting, dollies, carts, claws and more. They are local to Georgia, which helps us out, coming out of Kennesaw, Georgia. What I love about this business is that they are extremely passionate about their what they do.I am in no way experienced in hardware or anything of the sort but when it came to doing some DIY stuff I thought to myself, “Wow, I really need a dolly, a good saw and some quality hammers,” odd, right?Saw Trax boasts themselves on the fact that they provide “the most accurate and easy to use panel saw in its class by using real sealed bearings and a patented alignment system”What’s awesome about Saw Trax is that they offer equipment that novices, such as myself, can use. Instead of having to comb through products online and purchasing items that you aren’t 100% sure on, they advise you to call one of their experienced representatives and have them get you exactly what you need. We will actually be doing a lot of moving this year (probably for the next couple of years) and items such as this mattress dolly would work wonders for us.


This coro claw 4 mm would work great for DIY projects, you can do simple things such as crop pictures with this tool.


Some DIY projects that I want to conquer are:

  • A shed. Yes, a nice big shed in our backyard to house our bikes, kayaks (I’m dreaming a little) and toolsFurniture renovations, such as tables, chairs and dressers. Stripping paint, adding paint, cutting wood, adding wood. A mobile chicken coop

(I do have to break all of this news to Jacob….eventually, but I’m sure he’ll be on board)

I do have a lot of projects to complete on my wish list but I’m sure I can make it work with quality equipment such as those that Saw Trax provides and the help of Jacob, of course.Saw Trax’s website is easy to navigate and completely user friendly. Simply follow this link or give them a call at 1-888-729-8729.

If you have any fun DIY projects related to wedding decorations or even fun projects such as a chicken coop, do not hesitate to share! I would love to hear different ideas that I can work on. 



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