Valentine's Day with My Sister

Valentine’s Day has never been anything that I was super into. I still stick to the belief that it’s a HUGE waste of money. It is all very kitsh-y, but honestly that is completely fine! Last Valentine’s Day, my fiance and I celebrated by getting super dressed up, eating at our favorite taco spot and then getting some drinks and dessert. It was nice, nothing too crazy but it was still sweet.

We got each other gifts but decided we were not going to go all out.

I got him an organic, fair-trade chocolate bar with spices (think Mexican chocolate bar) and a mug that says “Give me coffee and tell me I’m pretty” (which he loves).

He got me an awesome vegetarian cook book and a fair trade, organic chocolate bar that had potato chips! (we tend to think alike)

We didn’t go all out but it was still such an amazing Valentine’s Day.

Well, this Valentine’s Day I won’t be able to celebrate with Jacob, so to celebrate I’m going to do some fun stuff with my sister. We’re going to make some sweets, do a little shopping and do some wedding planning as well.

I highly advise celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved ones such as your mother, siblings and pets. My mother loves giving my siblings and I little bears, cups or flowers.

I would love to hear all of your Valentine’s Day plans and any fun gifts that you’re planning on giving!


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