February Favorites

Wow, February has come and gone.

Thank God!

It was a slow month (at least for me) and now I am so excited for March. This month will be full of excitement for me, from starting an exciting new job, being a bridesmaid at a good friends wedding and lots of collaborations. I hope your month will be as exciting as well.

At the end of the month I love to reflect on what I planned on doing that month and what I actually accomplished. I think I did fairly well for the month of February, (of course there is always room for improvement).

So I’m going to share with you some things I loved this month!

Hoop Earrings

I know hoops are nothing new but I hardly ever worn them. I can’t tell you why BUT I can tell you I recently started wearing them a lot and now I cannot get over them. They’re fun and add such a pop of color & funk to any outfit. The trick is to get light weight ones though, I am not trying to have saggy ear holes!


(I did buy some more on top of these).

Thrift Shops

You can check out my blog about antique markets and thrift shops. But I just want to reiterate my amazement when I found out how much I love them. I mean for real, you can buy all kinds of dishes from there for such a good price! (I may be the only one going crazy about these places…. and that’s okay!) I think going to these places are awesome as “day-date” ideas. Jacob and I pretty much call anything we do together a date, which I love. Even though he didn’t really like these places at first, he definitely got more on board with the idea when we talked about buying cool nick-knacks for our house. I HIGHLY suggest exploring antique shops just to do it. 0”

The Naked Marriage Book and Podcast

Seriously, this is my favorite podcast so far (besides True Crime Garage). I’m not throwing any shade anywhere BUT I used to listen to Rise Together and it’s good but it was just missing something. For me it was missing God. The Hollis’ are self proclaimed Christians but they never mention it, ever. I’m sure it’s because they want to accommodate everyone and have more listeners but, unfortunately, that’s why I stopped listening to them. They seem like amazing people and I loved hearing their stories but I wanted to hear more about how they incorporated God and Christian life into their marriage. So, I started listening to The Naked Marriage and it is so amazing! Dave and Ashley talk about issues that they have struggled with and how they put God first in their marriage, it is seriously so refreshing. I highly recommend listening to this podcast.


I know this list is fairly short but I wanted to share with you my absolute favorites. I’m excited to share my favorites for March!

Things to look out for in March

  • My review on blue light blocking glassesglasses
  • A Floral collaboration (that I am SUPER excited for)
  • More book reviews

Do you guys have any February favorites or exciting things to look forward to in March?



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