Bridal Expo


Today makes 180 days until the big day! And I finally went to a bridal expo! It was fun but also a little overwhelming.

It’s so amazing to see local businesses come out to share what they have to offer. They had a live painter (which I really want at our wedding), a violinist, caterers, dress shops, and tons of beauty places.

This event was held at the beautiful Stable View Farms in Aiken, SC. There are horses everywhere and the scenery is so surreal. This farm is a wedding venue available around the CSRA that is absolutely breathtaking (If you are planning your wedding in this area, definitely check this place out).

Coming to the expo there are farms everywhere, which is so exciting for me because I love seeing farm animals (literally I am just like a little kid). I was extremely excited to see what was offered here.



Although it was a gloomy day and it was supposed to rain, the weather held up, thankfully.


There are horses everywhere, which I love.


Places I am going to check out for sure include:

Live painting:

April Henry King offers beautiful paintings. She is a local painter and does amazing work.


Cucumber & Mint

This is a full service salon and spa and I just might use them for my wedding.


Ulta is a lovely brand and they employ amazing people that really know what they are doing. I’m excited to use them for many services.


I am ready to visit more expos and get more ideas for the Gaudio wedding. To be honest, I get extremely overwhelmed because I don’t know what I want. It is taking me forever to even decide on a wedding invitation design. Does anyone else have this problem??

If you have any advice or tips I would love to hear them!


Thank you!



4 Replies to “Bridal Expo”

  1. These expos can be sooooooo overwhelming, but I am glad you found a view good venders to check out. You should check out Citlali Creative online for wedding invites she does beautiful work


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