Ranger School: Mountain Phase

Good afternoon!

After seeing my RS on Darby pass, (which was amazing), Mountains phase started. You would think that because I was able to see him during this pass that this phase would be easy, well, it wasn’t…. at all.

During his Darby pass I gave him ‘open when’ letters. I basically looked their schedules and wrote about what they were doing and how I thought he would do it amazingly, how strong he was, etc.

The first week I was DYING. Darby pass was absolutely amazing. Just seeing him and hearing his stories was awesome and I longed for that companionship again. I would cry a lot (But I’m always crying anyway). I went to a wedding rehearsal dinner and wedding this week and wow, it hurt so much. If anyone mentioned his name it broke my heart. But I also received 3 letters in a row this week and I was SO HAPPY! In his letters he talked a lot about food, which isn’t common for him, that’s all he talks about anyway. One sentence he would say “I miss you so much” and I would be balling and the next sentence he would say “I’m so hungry”. I would have a good laugh about all the things he said about food.

*** If you have a loved one going to ranger school or already there, sign up for informed USPS delivery! It is amazing, every morning you get a picture update of what’s coming to your mailbox. I get so excited when I see a handwritten letter coming. ***

Then the second week came. This was okay, I was basically just living. Everything I did I thought about how much better this activity would be if he was there. I even did this with food, I would think “Wow, He would love this” (I was going crazy). I celebrated birthdays this week and just having him there would have been so much more fun.

Then the third week came, this week is like a mixture of “this is taking forever” and “omg this is happening so fast”. He warned me that he wouldn’t be able to send me anymore letters because they’re conducting FTX’s and it’s hard to send them out. So I just tried to focus on school, work and pray a lot!

Ranger school is no joke, for both the loved one and the student. But it also so rewarding when it’s all done.

And during the mountain phase look how beautiful it is:


(We went up here last year, it’s nice for me to know where he is)

New blog post all about the swamp phase of Ranger School to come next!




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  1. My bf is also going through RS right now. I somehow found you through the FB support group on Instagram and decided to follow you! Lol hope that’s okay. I just like looking at peoples stuff who are going through that same thing with me.

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