Month: April 2019

Lemon Pie

Hello everyone! read more

Simple & Easy Whipped Feta

I decided to make whipped feta. You can add in olive oil if you would like or maybe cream cheese, the possibilities are endless. This recipe is delicious and so easy! read more

Simple Chicken and Green Beans

Hello everyone!

I hope you guys are having a great weekend so far. Here in Augusta it is the beginning of Spring Break and Master’s Week (it’s Augusta’s main attraction). It’s a beautiful day out today and I cannot help but be blah and want to just sleep all day. I tried sleeping and I couldn’t so I decided maybe, just maybe cooking will make me a little happier. So I cooked.

I made chicken and green beans, it was simple and delicious. My favorite recipes are those that are easy to make but still loaded with flavor.

You can make it with rice if you’d like but I decided just a bowl of this was good enough for me. Check out the recipe below!

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