Unashamed by Chonda Pierce: A Review + A Giveaway

Hello and happy May!

Today I am sharing with you all a film that I was blessed enough to watch recently. This film is called Unashamed and it is by Chonda Pierce.

Chonda is a female comedian that has the incredible ability to make you laugh in a wholesome way. She takes a journey into the hearts of the faithful as she engages some of the boldest believers in America which includes Mike Huckabee, Danny Gokey, the Benham Brothers and others. They tell their stories of speaking truth to our culture…no matter the consequences.

The film starts out with Chonda speaking at her church. She talks about losing her husband almost 5 years ago and how she recently joined the dating pool. I was shocked! She was talking about sex (gasp), dating sites and her dates. What I instantly fell in love with was her honesty. She mentions, “You can say the word sex and still be a Christian”, which I obviously know is true but it’s different hearing it from the stage of a church; it’s extremely refreshing.

That made me want to hear so much more from her.

She then goes on to interview David & Jason Benham, Danny Gokey, Mike Huckabee, Jeff Allen and Michael Tait. During each of these interviews you are able to get a glimpse into the interviewee’s life.

A couple of the interviews:

The Benham twins are former minor league baseball players, they have a real estate business and they also had an HGTV show called “Flip It Forward”. In this interview they talked about how that show got cancelled, their faith and what motivates them.

Danny Gokey was a third place finalist on the eighth season of American Idol and still makes music today. Similar to Chonda, Danny had also lost his spouse, prior to him auditioning on American Idol. What’s so beautiful about both Danny and Chonda’s stories is that they are so positive and are still able to see the blessings that God has given them.

Mike Huckabee is a Christian minister, he ran for President in 2008 and 2016 and he was the governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007. I have always loved Mike, he has always stuck with what he believes in and this is evident in his politics. He mentions in this interview that being a Christian and a politician has actually been easy for him. He doesn’t have to wake up in the morning and look at the polls to determine what hes going to believe that day. Finally a politician that sticks with what he believes and doesn’t flip flop.

Chonda shares video from her visit to the White House and to Israel. She shares how both of those experiences impacted her and what they mean to her as well. I won’t spoil the whole film but the clips she includes of Israel is so beautiful, hopefully one day I can go.

Chonda Pierce’s story makes me hopeful, that no matter how much is thrown my way I too, with the help of God, can overcome it and still have a future. Unashamed brought me to the point of tears, especially when Chonda was talking to Danny about losses their spouses. But of course, it also made me laugh, which I loved!

I have always been weary of comedies and comedians. I actually hate crude humor, so I generally stay away from watching comedies or anything in that realm. But listening to Chonda Pierce is so refreshing. She’s a Christian, she is real, she is honest and she’s able to share her message of being Unashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Chonda Pierce: Unashamed At select Cinemas May 7 & 9

This Mother’s Day week, May 7 & 9 at 7:00pm., you and your friends can enjoy a night of laughter and  truth as only top selling female comedian, Chonda Pierce, can deliver.  Chonda will make you laugh and think as she boldly proclaims the truth of the Gospel to a hurting world.  Chonda takes a journey into the hearts of the faithful as she engages some of the boldest believers in America. Mike Huckabee, Danny Gokey, the Benham Brothers and others tell their stories of speaking truth to our culture…no matter the consequences. Don’t forget to bring your moms, grandmas and every mother in your church for a night to remember!

Only Chonda can communicate deep and meaningful truth and make you laugh at the same time.  Chonda is unchained, unrestrained and UNASHAMED!


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If you go watch Unashamed let me know! I’d love to hear all about what you think of it.





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