Month: July 2019

Living Together – 2 Months In

I have always known that living with a boyfriend would be a no-go for me. My mom would always say, “You’re not leaving the house until your married”, unless I was living with female roommates, of course. Honestly, this was okay for me, I had no desire to live with someone and quite frankly, the older I got the more I realized I didn’t even want to get married. read more

Omaha Brewing Company: A Review


Omaha Brewing Company is located in Omaha, Georgia and they are doing great things! Owners Robert and Stephanie wanted to create craft beer that incorporates the comfort of Southern Georgia and they definitely hit it on the mark.

Jacob and I have been to several breweries throughout Georgia and we were excited to see what Omaha Brewing Company had to offer. I personally love visiting breweries because everyone that works with the brewery is so informed and passionate about beer. Usually, they know how it’s made and they’re able to explain to you in detail what goes in the beer and/or why their brewery is in the location that it is.

Let me tell you about a few that we’ve been to and keep reading our experience at Omaha Brewery.

Breweries we’ve visited read more

Black Bean Brownies with Oats and Hazlenuts

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