Teeth Whitening That’s Affordable: A Review

Are you looking for a teeth whitening kit? I was definitely looking. Like many people, I am self-conscious about my teeth. When I was younger, I hit my mouth on a table and it turned one of my front teeth black, it was completely dead!

Affordable at home teeth whitening

Imagine a cute little girl (me, haha) with a dead tooth…. how embarrassing!

Luckily, I don’t really remember much from that time. The tooth was one of my baby teeth so thankfully it did make way for my new tooth. Since this tooth was dead, it didn’t come out when it was supposed to, so my new tooth grew behind it. Now my front teeth are a tiny bit uneven.

If I didn’t tell you, you probably would never know… unless you’re really close to my mouth, but that would be weird.

This has always bothered me!

I have gone through phases of not smiling because of this.

Young photo of me
Image in Miami before
photo with sahira before

I finally grew out of this phase but, I still find myself smiling without showing my teeth often, now it’s just more of a subconscious act.

Growing up I have always wanted braces to fix my teeth as well. My parents never went ahead with getting them for me because I didn’t really need them. I just WANTED them to fix this little thing.

Along with slightly uneven teeth, I don’t know how it happened, but my teeth are slightly discolored. That is even more embarrassing for me! I don’t know if you can relate but it sucks. Someone’s smile is the first thing I notice and I’m sure that’s the same for many others. So, for me it’s embarrassing to think that someone is looking at my teeth.

I’ll be honest, I don’t do much to prevent the coloring of my teeth. I drink about two cups of coffee a day, I drink tea fairly regularly and I drink wine. All of these contribute to the staining of teeth but I’m not going to stop drinking these beverages any time soon.

I have tried Colgate whitening strips and teeth whitening toothpaste, but they’ve never worked for me. I never committed to using the strips because I never saw results.

I’ve never wanted to go through the dentist way of teeth whitening because I heard how expensive it was. Teeth whitening can cost anywhere from $400-$600, seriously! That price tag discourages me. On top of all of the wedding expenses, I did not want to spend that much extra money.

By the grace of God, Smile Brilliant reached out to me! And not a moment too soon, with the wedding coming up I wanted my smile to be PERFECT.

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About Smile Brilliant

*To maintain complete honesty with my audience, I definitely try everything first and only recommend it if I love it!

Smile Brilliant was created by dental professionals and was founded by Betty Shah. Betty is a 30+ year dental professional that loves coffee & tea (I can relate). Smile Brilliant wants to eliminate the dentist visits, they say “70% of the cost & time associated with professional teeth whitening revolves around trips to the dentist”.

Imagine that?!

The reason we’re spending so much money on teeth whitening is not for the actual product, wow. Thank God for Smile Brilliant.


The products that Smile Brilliant include:

Teeth whitening trays with whitening gel ranging from $139-$169

Teeth whitening gel ranging from $35- $69

Electric toothbrush ranging from $119-$199

Extra toothbrush heads ranging from $14-$43

My Experience With Teeth Whitening

These teeth whitening trays definitely helped me with my wedding beauty routine. If you read my post about my beauty preparation, you’ll know that I said teeth whitening for me was a must!

I didn’t even think about getting whitening trays, I thought that going to the dentist and shelling out hundreds of dollars was my only option. Thank God it’s not, Smile Brilliant is so affordable.

The whole process has been so smooth. I made my impressions, with the help of my husband. I was positive that I would mess them up but they were easier to make than I thought! I mailed them in and within just a few days I received my trays.

I began whitening my teeth immediately, I was so excited. Within just a couple of days I could see a difference. Even my family commented on how my teeth looked whiter. I was truly amazed that they actually worked.

Finally, a teeth whitening system that I can trust, this made me even more excited for the wedding.

smile brilliant kit for teeth whitening
smile brilliant for teeth whitening

How I whiten my Teeth

I varied in the times of day that I whitened, it fits so perfectly into any lifestyle. Here are a few examples of what I did:

The hour before bed

Before Jacob and I go to sleep we’ll watch roughly an hour of a show that we’re watching at the time. This is the perfect time for me to put in my whitening trays. The end of the show acts like an alarm for me to take out my trays. So easy, right?

When I’m making dinner

I usually take an hour – an hour and a half cooking dinner. You might think that’s a long time, and I agree. But most of the time I’m cooking something I’ve never made before so I like taking my time. I’ll place my whitening trays in, put on a podcast and get to cooking.

Right after the gym, before my shower

After the gym I usually take an hour before showering. Yes, during that hour I smell gross but I put my trays in, I cook something for me to eat and sometimes I’ll even clean up a little. After that hour is up I take my trays out and I take a shower.

I even whitened my teeth during my makeup and hair trial for the wedding! 

teeth whitening 101
how to whiten teeth

Smile Brilliant gave me so much more confidence. With all the headache and worry from the wedding, I didn’t have to worry about the discoloration of my teeth and the possibility that I would ruin our photos. Here are some photos:

after teeth whitening
amazing wedding photo
wedding photo at yonah after teeth whitening

Now that I found a teeth whitening system that I love, I have already recommended it to all of my family. Thank you so much Smile Brilliant for helping me get an amazing smile for my wedding.

My Results

Before whitening teeth
After teeth whitening

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You can also shop their website using my code “thinkandbeehappy15” for 15% off of your purchase store wide.

Coming up next to the blog is how to stay healthy while traveling, a distillery, and more photos from the wedding! I cannot wait to share with you all everything that is coming! If you have any recommendations of what I should write about next please share, I want to write about what you want to read about.

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Our wedding photos are amazing, right? They were done by Andrea-Marie Photography.

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63 thoughts on “Teeth Whitening That’s Affordable: A Review”

  1. It is something I need to try for sure. I had tooth injury and due to that they are more prone to get yellowish. I have tried many things without success.

  2. You are so pretty in all of these photos. I’m glad that the teeth whitener gave you extra confidence to enjoy your wedding day and to be able to smile without feeling self-conscious!

  3. I can see the difference in the photos. My question is, did this kit make your teeth sensitive? My teeth are very sensitive and my dentist told me that teeth whitening home kits are known to cause high sensitivity and pain.

  4. Sounds great! I’ve never tried any teeth whitening products, accept for tooth paste that never worked! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I was always afraid also. With this one I was really nervous as well but it turned out great. Did you enter in the giveaway? You have a chance to get a free teeth whitening kit, you basically have nothing to lose.

  5. I’ve always wanted to buy an expensive electric toothbrush because I think that is an important key to whiter teeth! I just have to start saving up to buy it. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Not having good smile does damage your confidence so much and in a certain way it steals your happiness because hey! We express our happiness through smiling so you can imagine being happy but can’t smile 😳 anyway you found your smile and your teeth a whiter now which is great…

  7. I’ve only gotten whitening done at the dentist, super helpful as I’d like to be able to avoid the commute and time suck! Looks like you got results too, will check it out.

  8. Wow I had no idea a tooth could die and turn black, that is crazy! Cute pics with your little helper. And you can definitely notice a difference.

  9. Smile brilliant sure seems to be… Brilliant! I’ve been let down by a few at home teeth whitening kits, but thanks to you, I will definitely be trying this!

  10. I have thought about using a system like this. Thank you for the great review! Glad to see this worked well for you.

  11. I’ve always been curious about teeth whitening but have never tried it myself. I’m always nervous I will mess up my teeth! Thanks so much for providing this feedback – I will have to look into it now.

    1. I was nervous too! And my husband was extremely concerned. But I looked up other reviews and asked lots of questions.
      Did you sign up for the giveaway? You could get a free one! You have nothing to lose and the product works 💕

  12. I think your smile is beautiful! I would have never known. My favorite time to whiten is while watching TV. I’m trying to work whitening back into my routine. We drink too much coffee + soda and Smile Brilliant is perfect for getting rid of all those pesky surface stains.

    1. Thank you! I’ve always hated it but I’m learning to just let it go.
      Coffee is definitely something I’m not going to let go but it does do a number on our teeth.
      Sometimes I’ll whiten while my husband and I are watching whatever show we’re bingeing.

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