Wine Tasting in Southern Arizona

Wine tasting anywhere is fun and amazing. Living in Arizona for a couple of months, I realized I needed to visit their vineyards and go wine tasting in Southern Arizona. I’m definitely not a wine connoisseur, but I drink enough wine to be one!

I got into wine when I started dating my husband. I hate the feeling of being bloated and having to pee every two seconds from drinking beer and hard liquor is just too intense for me. So, I started drinking wine. My husband and I then started visiting vineyards around North Georgia and we both fell in love.

We would definitely love to have our own winery when we retire, but that’s wishful thinking.

The wineries in Southern Arizona are absolutely amazing. There are basically two roads of these vineyards, so it’s really easy to vineyard hop and see what each has to offer. On our trip, we visited Arizona Hops and Vines and Kief-Joshua Vineyards.

Arizona Hops and Vines is by far one of the best vineyards that I’ve visited. They offer a comfy venue with lots of board games, seating outside and inside and amazing wine. We did our tasting here and with each wine they offered a different snack, for example, hot Cheetos and cocoa pebbles. I highly recommend coming to this vineyard if you have the chance.

A little bit about Arizona Hops and Vines:

“Arizona Hops & Vines is a cheeky little winery run by two crazy awesome sisters (Megan and Shannon), with a ton of help from their friends and their many children. Hops & Vines is the result of some pretty fearless dreaming in the face of many well-meaning and reasonable assertions that their dream of opening a winery “will never work.” Well. If you want to absolutely guarantee that we’re going to do something, all you need to do is assert that it’s impossible.”

The next one we visited was Kief-Joshua Vineyards. This one was in a gorgeous house. They offered amazing views and great wine.

A little bit about Kief-Joshua Vineyards:

“Kief-Joshua Vineyards is a small family business with 20 acres in beautiful Elgin and 40 acres in Willcox Wine Country. Our Elgin tasting room is open daily and is situated right in the middle of what is know as “winery row.” The Sonoita Arizona Wine Tour boasts of ten different tasting rooms and was selected by USA Today as one of the top ten wine trails in the United States.”

Photos from our trip:

Both of these vineyards were absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to visit more vineyards in even more states. If you have a vineyard to recommend please share!

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I cannot wait to share with you all everything that is coming! If you have any recommendations of what I should write about next please let me know, I want to write about what you want to read about.

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