Arsenal Taproom + Kitchen: Review

Hello everyone and happy Spring,

I hope you are all having an amazing week because I sure am!

A couple of days ago a good friend of mine and I decided to have a ‘friend-date’ and go to an amazing local spot, Arsenal Taproom + Kitchen.

(If you aren’t going on friend-dates, please do! They’re the best. It’s so refreshing to just talk and catch up on life with someone you like to hang out with)

Arsenal is amazing, I’ve been twice before and I have always loved it. The ambiance is amazing, comfy… and guess what… they have amazing grilled cheeses.

You read that right, grilled cheeses!!

The one I ordered was called ‘The Arsenal’.

This was filled with the following:

Honey roasted turkey, peppered bacon, pear, pepper jelly and Havarti.

It may sound weird if you’re not into trying different mixtures but it was amazing, so much better than what I expected. My friend ordered the traditional grilled cheese (she’s not too adventurous), and we split the loaded tots.

The loaded tots were topped with the following: cheddar, beef chili, peppered bacon, pickled jalapenos, tomatoes, ranch and sour cream.

(If you’ve been keeping up with me then you know that I have given up on dairy but this all sounded too good to pass up). These tots were so good! I love nachos or nacho-like items, they are one of my many guilty pleasures.

This place is also a taproom but because I like to be as honest as possible with all my posts, I did not buy a beer. I have been to several breweries and drinking beer is something that I am fairly familiar with. Arsenal’s beer prices are just a little too much for me so I passed and just indulged in food.

One thing that I will definitely say about this place is that their customer service sucks! I have worked at restaurants and I know a thing or two about service. We went in an hour after they opened so they should have had plenty of time to get ready. Well, we couldn’t sit outside because they didn’t finish cleaning the pollen. I completely understand cleaning up but the guy literally said “You have to go back inside you can’t sit out here”, uhhh okay? After that the service was just so crappy. But I overlooked the service because the food was just too good, so I guess it was okay.

Besides the service this is definitely a local spot in Augusta that you should go to. The grilled cheeses are amazing and they have pierogis, I’ll definitely be back for those.


If you have any questions or recommendations do not hesitate to contact me!




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