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Sunday was a beautiful day in Augusta, Georgia. There was hardly a cloud in the sky and my family, and I decided to make the most of this day. We decided to go for an adventure in South Carolina. We left the house around midday and made our way across the border. On our way to Aiken, South Carolina, we stopped at this unique little place called Riverfront Antique Mall. It was extremely cute and unique. It is made up of little shops owned by individual people and filled with all types of knick-knacks. A lot of the items were interesting, there are collector items, antique items that you would find in your great grandparents’ house, and there’s just some plain ol’ junk. (Check out my post about thrift shops).


We left here and continued our way up to Aiken.

Now let me warn anyone visiting Augusta, Aiken, or the surrounding areas…

There is NOTHING open on Sunday.

Okay, maybe there are some places open on Sunday. But not a lot and that was our mistake. I’m assuming everyone is at church or just relaxing. Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t enjoy Aiken because of this. Downtown Aiken is a beautiful place though. I will most definitely go back to see what it has to offer.

We made our way back to Augusta on the hunt for a restaurant to stop at. I came across some that I wanted to go to, but they were all closed. Finally, I found a place called Boll Weevil. It’s in downtown Augusta off of James Brown Blvd and it’s a pretty neat place. I found this place on Yelp, there were some cool pictures posted, some good reviews and some just okay reviews. We decided to check it out.

About The Boll Weevil Cafe & Sweetery

Boll Weevil is located in downtown Augusta and they are whipping up more than 30 desserts and lots of Southern favorites.

“The Boll Weevil has been named “Best Desserts” for four years running, Augusta Magazine: “Best Desserts” in Metro Spirit since the magazine’s awards inception; and has been featured in Southern Living and Cooking with Paula Deen.”

Coming in it was quiet and not too many people were there, but then again it was Sunday. You can see that they have like a little separate part of the restaurant reserved exclusively for those customers that just want to buy desserts. (They have amazing sweets!) We were sat down and were given menus.

Obviously, I couldn’t eat most items that they offer so I ordered a half order of the Portabella sandwich with tomato and apple soup.

In all honesty, I did not care for this sandwich and it could have been better. I love portobello mushrooms but this one wasn’t seasoned at all and I did not care for the bread they chose to use. It came with provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato. I ate all of it because I hate wasting food and it wasn’t disgusting or anything. The tomato soup was amazing though. My brother had the tomato soup as well and he didn’t care for it, so it’s not for everyone. The soup was made with Fuji apples and there were even chunks of the apples in it, I appreciated the uniqueness. I’ve never had a tomato soup such as this one and it was quite pleasant.

My sister ordered a dish that had jerk blackened chicken with Spanish rice. I tried the rice and it was really good and my family tried the chicken and they said it had a nice jerk flavor and it had a good spice to it.

My dad ordered the jambalaya. I know for sure that it has shrimp and chicken in it. I tried a little bit of the sauce and I did not care for it, but my family did, the shrimp was flavored beautifully though.

My favorite dish of all was the shrimp and grits dish. It was creamy and amazing. If you’re to ever visit Boll Weevil this is a must get dish. It was perfect. This dish also came with cornbread. I didn’t take a picture of it, but it was made with jalapenos and just wow, it was pure perfection. It was crunchy on the outside and warm and spicy on the inside, hands down the best cornbread I have ever had.

And of course, we had to get dessert. We got it to go through because we were absolutely stuffed. We ordered the Tropical dream cake which was filled with pineapple and coconut, and wow it was AMAZING!!!! We also got the turtle cheesecake, I didn’t care for this one because it was kind of too salty for me but it was not bad at all.

This place was lovely and I’m so happy that it was opened on Sunday.






Since this first visit to Boll Weevil,  I have been back before. Once I was craving a sweet treat badly and I decided to buy a whole carrot cake, crazy, right? Well, it was amazing!

Do you have a local restaurant that you’ve visited recently? Share below, I’d love to hear all about it!

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