From frozen pumpkin chunks to yummy pumpkin gnocchi

After I cut up my pumpkin, which seems like months ago, I decided to use it for something that I've never made before..... gnocchi! Gnocchi is like an Italian dumpling, it is absolutely delicious, if done correctly. So I googled pumpkin gnocchi and I came across a couple recipes that got me excited. You could make some with potato, some …

Coconut rice pudding



Sometimes you fancy something sweet. Okay, sometimes really means a lot of the time – and that means you can’t always be bothered spending a lot of time or effort on that something sweet.

Here’s where this coconut rice pudding comes in. Rice pudding – good. With coconut – even better. So simple, so easy, and it’s just as good reheated the next day or frozen and eaten a month later (although it’s never actually lasted that long in my house).

Let’s get to it then.


Two cups of rice (any kind works in this recipe)

Two cans of coconut cream or milk (full fat or light, it doesn’t matter)

One can of water (use the can from the coconut cream or milk)

Half a cup of sugar

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

A handful of raisins (optional)


Throw the rice, coconut cream, water…

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