Date Ideas on a Budget

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When my husband and I first started dating, we would spend a lot of money going on dates. We would go out to eat, go to the movies and everything in between. I can’t even imagine how much we spent during that time period. We quickly learned that we needed to change our spending habits so we wouldn’t end up broke. So I compiled a list of date ideas on a budget that we do now that still gives us the romance of a date but keeps some money in our pockets.

Date Night In:

Having a date night at home is always my favorite. Here are several ideas for you:

  • Buy a frozen pizza and watch your favorite show

    • This is actually a new thing for us. Every once in a while my husband and I will get a frozen pizza. We’ve been rotating out who gets to choose the pizza. I was first and I chose a horrible pizza that we’ll never get again. We’ve also been bingeing Game of Thrones, Black Mirror and the Imposters on Netflix. All are great shows.
    • You can recreate this idea with any food item and any of your favorite shows.
    • Price: Depending on what pizza you buy, anywhere between $6-19.
    • Challenge: Try a pizza neither of you have had before.
  • Make a romantic dinner

    • I love cooking and I get really excited when something I make turns out great. One of my favorite recipes is Shrimp Provencal (check out my recipe for this awesome dish here). This will definitely save you a lot of money. Going out to dinner is always so nice but you’ll spend at least twice the amount for this dish if you go to a nice restaurant. My husband and I tend to go all out when we go to nice restaurants also so this saves us a lot.
    • Price: Depends on what you want to make and what you already have in your pantry.
    • Challenge: Try not to spend more than $20.


  • Make a dessert together

    • I love making dessert and my husband does too. Recently, we made peanut butter pie. I’ll have to say, I actually hated it. It was WAY too sweet and I couldn’t even eat a full slice of it (that’s why I didn’t feature it on my blog). But next we’re looking to make chocolate tart, hopefully it’ll be better.
    • Price: Depends on what you want to make and what you already have in your pantry.
    • Challenge: Try not to spend more than $20 and make a dessert neither of you have made before.


  • Buy a bottle of wine and watch a horror movie

    • A new thing that my husband and I have been doing is “How low can we go?”. Essentially, we are trying to buy wine for as cheap as possible. The other day we were able to buy a bottle for $2.97 from Kroger and it was actually really good. The awesome thing about wine is that just because it’s an expensive bottle doesn’t mean that it’s any better. We actually watched a wine documentary on Netflix that said this and it completely changed our outlook on wine. If you’re close to a Trader Joe’s I heard that they have awesome prices on wine.
    • Some horror movies that we’ve watched are Paranormal Activity and we also watched The Haunting of Hill House which was awesome.
    • Price: Anywhere from $5-30 (reasonably)
    • Challenge: Play the “How low can we go?” game and buy a really cheap wine.

Work Out together

  • Go to a fitness class

    • For some reason working out with my husband feels so good. We’ve done plenty of yoga classes together and it’s always so fun. Usually these classes aren’t that expensive, probably around $10-15 per person. You can also find free classes around town, like classes at your local college, downtown at a park or classes that are donation based.
    • Price: Free – $20 per person
    • Challenge: Try a class neither of you have tried before such as zumba or kickboxing.
  • Run together

    • Seriously no money needs to be spent for this one. Running downtown by the river or at a park is not only good for you but it’s also nice to enjoy the beauty of nature together.
    • Price: FREE
    • Challenge: Run in a park or near a river to enjoy nature and race each other.
  • Hike together

    • In the beginning of our relationship, my husband and I hiked around North Georgia a lot. That is when I realized that I loved hiking. Our next hiking trip will be to Providence Canyon State Park.
    • Price: This could be free depending on where you go.
    • Challenge: Stop at your turn around point or half way point to sit down, talk to each other and take in the nature around you.


  • Downtown market

    • The markets in downtown are always amazing. In our “hometown” we’d always get arepas from a Colombian spot and a sweet treat (whether a brownie, cookie or cupcake) from a Dutch spot. Markets are a great way to support local businesses as well as enjoy a Saturday morning with your loved one.
    • Price: If you’re like my husband and I then you like to eat, if so you can spend anywhere between $10-30.
    • Challenge: Only buy things that you don’t eat often and/or things you can’t make at home yourself.

  • Go to a bookstore together

    • Jacob and I love reading. We’ve been going to the library, vintage bookstores, 2nd & Charles and Barnes & Noble to scope out books we want to read. We usually will go our separate ways and find books that interest us and then meet up and talk about it.
    • If books aren’t your thing, find a hobby you guys both enjoy and capitalize on that!
    • Price: This can range from free (if you go to a library and/or don’t buy anything) to probably $20 if you decide to buy anything.
    • Challenge: 1. Find a book you like from the store and rent it from the library. 2. Find a book for each other to read.


  • Go to a coffee shop

    • Jacob and I have found out that we LOVE coffee. A favorite thing of ours to do now is to go to new shops and hang out there. We have found awesome shops all around Georgia.
    • Price: $5-20
    • Challenge: Try a different kind of coffee.

Hopefully this helps/ gives you some ideas. If you have any other budget friendly date ideas please share! I’d love to hear them. Thank you so much for reading ‘Date Ideas on a Budget’.

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  2. This is a great list of ideas. We have tried many of them. I would suggest try making your own pizza the top as ns sauce possibilities are endless and often delicious.

    1. I love this idea! I think my husband and I did this once before but we should do it again.

  3. Thanks for sharing! We’re on a budget saving to move out so it’s nice to have a list of cheap ideas 🙂

  4. I would say I like the idea of the run but I have to say I’d pick the pizza idea over it any day ha ha! <3 Would love it if you had a mixture to pop over to my blog!

    1. Pizza is always my go to haha! Thanks for stopping by, I’ll definitely check yours out.

  5. Hi! I love all the suggestions in this post. My husband and I love to take luxury vacations every year. That means I’m “regular” weekends we’re always looking for great, inexpensive date ideas. These are perfect! Thank you! Melissa Damiani | Gratitude Grace Glamour

    1. Thanks so much for reading. My husband and I try to be pretty frugal throughout the year and spend a nice weekend/week together where we can go all out.

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