Frogtown Crawfish Festival in Columbus, Ga

This year in Columbus, Georgia the Frogtown Crawfish Festival occurred June 21-22nd at Woodruff Riverfront Park. According to their website, this Festival is all about having fun and enjoying a live crawfish boil. There is live music, food, and tons of prizes.

I have always wanted to try crawfish but I have never heard of a crawfish boil local to me, until now! This festival gave me the opportunity to finally eat some  crawfish and to have fun at the same time, or so I thought. Crawfish, crayfish, crawdads, freshwater lobsters, mountain lobsters, mudbugs or yabbies, whatever you want to call it, it’s fun to eat!

I was nervous for the weather. I kept an eye on it all week. At first it was supposed to rain, then the forecast cleared up and then again it was supposed to rain! Georgia weather can be such a roller coaster ride. The weather was okay, not ideal given that it was so hot. It was 92 degrees with 59% humidity and a heat index of 105 degrees. Coming from South Florida you would think that I was used to weather like this but no…. I still hate it and I will always complain that it’s too hot (unfortunately for my husband). On this day it was actually 88 degrees in Miami with 62% humidity and it “felt like” 97 degrees, yeah I’d rather be in Miami!

In preparation for this festival, Jacob and I looked up Youtube videos on how to properly eat a crawfish. There were several variations, in some videos the people sucked the juice out of the head of the crawfish and in some other videos they didn’t. Regardless, neither of us knew what we were doing and we were excited to make fools out of ourselves.


We weren’t really expecting too much, we didn’t know what to expect. But we were expecting a fun event with tons of people and crawfish EVERYWHERE. I was expecting a lot vendors, music and fun stuff for kids.



We arrived around 11 am on Saturday. According to their website the doors opened at 10 am, so we figured that 11 would be a good time to go. It was cloudy outside but still really hot. Arriving to the festival we had to pay $10 per adult. They didn’t take card so we had to take out cash at the ATM located right outside the entrance.

The “festival” was just like any other, with funnel cakes, fries and sodas….definitely not appealing to me. We were there for one thing and one thing only…. the crawfish. We went straight to the sign that said crawfish in big letters and then we had to wait. Although the festival started at 10 am, we didn’t get our crawfish until 11:30.

I would expect a CRAWFISH festival to have crawfish ready BEFORE they opened their doors, but they didn’t. While in line, the festival workers were discussing who was going to weight the crawfish and take payment. To me, this is something that should have been discussed in advance or at least 10 minutes before the festival begins.

According to their website you were able to buy just a pound of crawfish but when we got there we were only able to buy the boil. So we had to get the corn, potatoes and andouille sausage as well. It wasn’t bad but we wanted the most bang for our buck. We know what potatoes, andouille and corn taste like! The large boil was made up of 1 & 1/4 pound of crawfish, 2 potatoes, 4 pieces of sausage and 1 corn.

(In all honesty, I would have rather made this at home with shrimp. We’re planning to make our own shrimp boil. All you really need is shrimp, old bay seasoning, potatoes, corn, sausage, beer, salt & pepper. How easy is that?!)

After everything was said and done we spent $40 for two adults and a large crawfish boil, it was a waste. We paid $10 to get in for literally nothing. I can never understand why you have to pay to get into an event and then again pay to eat and they expect you to shop at the booths. We ended up leaving and walking around the Columbus Saturday market which was so much better. A blog post all about this market will be coming soon!


The crawfish stand… nothing to write home about


We got to see the crawfish alive in the coolers




Trying not to get juice everywhere

Their music line up was:

Friday, June 21
7:00-7:45pm Brittany Avery
8:00-9:00pm Jessie Wilson
9:30-10:45pm JonBoy Storey Band

Saturday, June 22
4:00-4:45 Southern Ashe
5:00-5:45 Mark Sasser Blues
6:00-7:00 Misty Harbor
7:30-9:00 Peggy Jenkins
9:15-10:30 Band of Thieves



Tickets were $10, kids under 12 years old were free.

You could pre order your tickets, so roughly a price for one adult would be $10 + tax, or you could just pay at the gate like we did.

Pre-ordered food (based off of their website):

  • 1 pound of crawfish: $10 (according to their website but this was not true)
  • One small low country boil with crawfish: $10
  • One large low country boil with crawfish: $20

Since they didn’t do the 1 pound of crawfish at the crawfish stand I don’t know how they were accommodating for those who paid for their crawfish online.


The Verdict:

Will I come again next year? Definitely NOT. It was a waste of money and of time. I’m glad I was able to get out of the house and experience something new but I wouldn’t do it again; especially if you’ve have crawfish before. One thing Jacob and I have been trying to do is not waste money. Unfortunately, today was a HUGE waste of money but that’s okay… you live and learn, right? We are hoping to one day go to Louisiana and go to a real crawfish boil.

Begin Again Farms

The festival benefited Begin Again Farms. I have no idea how much went towards this farm, I’m assuming a portion of ticket sales did. This is a nonprofit organization focused on providing care for abused horses. It is located in Ellerslie, Georgia.

There were horses at the event but the booth was really small in comparison to what I thought it was going to be. The horses were extremely cute and fun for the kids though.


Their mission:

“To rescue imperiled, retired or abandoned hoofed animals; provide a safe refuge; promote rehabilitation and return to full physical ability; provide safe adoptions for rehabilitated animals; and expand the knowledge of equine science, training and horsemanship through association with community groups and leaders.”

To help the Begin Again Farms you can easily volunteer, donate, become a sponsor, foster or even adopt.


If you’re interested in volunteering you can send them a Facebook message or contact Rhonda at (706) 315-6945.

You can volunteer Monday-Saturday by appointment. Most volunteers go Saturday from 9-12 in the morning. You may be able to ride the horses but don’t count on it.


The base amount to sponsor a horse is $100 and for a miniature or a pony it’s $50. You can check out their sponsorable horse section on their website to see which ones you can sponsor or you can go and look at them in person.


If you’re interested in helping out Begin Again Farms then you can email Rhonda at

Check them out on Facebook or their website to find out more information


If you know of any fun events coming to Georgia do not hesitate to comment below! I’d love to hear all about it, especially if there is food involved. I am always looking under Facebook Events to see what’s new in my area and in the local newspaper.

Coming next to the blog is a review on mushroom coffee, a brewery in Omaha, Ga & dairy-free coffee creamer and milk.

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  2. Your first red flag should been having to pay to get in a festival I never heard of such a thing! On the positive you got some memories and some photos and those are priceless.

    1. Looking back, now I know! I thought it would be worth it. But it was fun trying crawfish for the first time and experiencing that. Thanks so much for reading!

  3. Sorry you had such a disappointing time. I’m with you, I’d just want the crawfish.

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