How to Use a Moka Pot

Growing up, I have always called this tool an espresso maker, but recently I learned that it is called a Moka Pot.

Moka pot coffee is strong but not as strong as an actual espresso maker. Coffee out of the Moka pot is typically 2-3 times as concentrated as a regular drip coffee. This coffee is intense, it’s bold, and it has a heavy body (which makes it amazing).

If you haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend that you do.

For information on the history of the Moka Pot check out, The Secret History of: Moka Express Coffee Maker.



Zulay Kitchen, Kitchen Happiness

Zulay Kitchen is a family-owned business that provides lots of kitchen essentials. They “believe that every home should have quality meals and are striving to provide the BEST products for you and your family”.

Zulay Kitchen has tons of recipes on their blog which are amazing, such as their spicy margarita and pumpkin coconut Indian spice chicken.

moka pot from zulay kitchen


How to Use a Moka Pot/ Stovetop Espresso Maker

Using this is so easy, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Unscrew the Moka Pot and fill the bottom part with water.
  2. Fill the filter basket with ground coffee, make sure you don’t overfill it.
  3. Screw the top part back together.
  4. Place the Moka pot onto the stovetop on medium heat.
  5. After about 5 minutes, the coffee will begin oozing into the upper chamber. Once the upper chamber is 80% filled remove from heat.

Serve and enjoy!


Extra tips

  • Make sure the heat isn’t too hot. If your Moka Pot is spurting/spitting that is an easy indication that it is too hot, all you have to do is lower the heat.
  • Do not pack the coffee into the coffee filter. There is no need to jam pack the coffee, doing this will create more pressure that is not needed.

Filling the Moka Pot

  • Make sure you screw the top to the bottom properly. I made the mistake of not doing this and once it was hot, water started coming out of it, it was a mess!


The Best Iced Coffee Recipe

I have been drinking iced coffee wrong this whole time! I like drinking iced coffee after 12 pm, I don’t know what it is about this drink that makes it so amazing.

I’ve been making iced coffee at using decaf coffee and then espresso ice cubes. By that time in the day, I don’t want to be too caffeinated so this recipe is perfect.




  • Creamer (I used an almond milk creamer)
  • Chilled coffee
  • Moka Pot espresso ice cubes

That’s all you need! You can always use a sweetener such as honey but to me, the creamer is sweet so I omit any sweetener. But this is your iced coffee! Make it how you like it.

If you have any other coffee ideas, please share! I’d love to hear all about it.

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