La Republica Mushroom Coffee: A Review

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There are tons of trends going on right now and I am trying to get on board with them! One of them is mushroom coffee.

I have been drinking coffee for years, probably since I was 19/20. I go through my phases of having to drink 2 cups of coffee a day to just 1 and then to none. Then the cycle repeats. My body can be really sensitive to coffee, if I exceed more than 2 cups a day I am way TOO wired (it’s a horrible feeling). After a couple of random times of drinking too much caffeine I have finally learned not to exceed more than 2 cups.

My routine:

I usually have two cups of coffee with some creamer before I eat breakfast and after I’ve already had a glass of water (hydration is key!).

Mushroom Coffee benefits

  • Focus without jitters
  • Aids in digestion
  • Tons of antioxidants
  • Boosts liver health
  • Decreases oxidative stress

Antioxidants help to defend your cells from free radicals. Free radicals are toxic byproducts that damage cells and tissues. Foods that are high in antioxidants include dark chocolate, blueberries, and raspberries.

Your liver is so important! More important than I thought. Your liver processes nutrients from the food that you eat and will either release the nutrients or store them for your body. Your liver also processes fat and protein. Your liver removes dead cells, harmful toxins and bacteria.

If you search “mushroom coffee” the first websites you’ll see are from Four Sigmatic,  in the world of mushroom coffee, they are leading the pack. One company you may have not heard of is La Republica Coffee. 

About La Republica’s Mushroom Coffee


Based out of Los Angeles, California, La Republica is producing 100% organic mushroom coffee. Founders Ian Harrison and Mark Merthe are trying to create “products that high achievers need and educating people on how to get to their best health”. This product is manufactured in the USA using USDA certified organic, fair trade, vegan & non-gmo ingredients. They also use a BPA free jar!

“We created La Republica’s functional coffee because we believe people deserve a safer, more powerful alternative to a regular cup of coffee. We wanted to replace the morning coffee ritual with a superfood beverage crafted especially for the thinkers, doers, creators, artists, and athletes of the world.”

– Ian Harrison

“My brother and I have been adding mushrooms to our coffee for years and we wanted to share the magi. That’s why we created a simple way to ingest nutrient-dense, ultra-beneficial mushrooms that will change lives for the better.” 

– Mark Merthe

Sounds awesome, right?

Their products

La Republica only has 4 products.

  1. Forager Organic 7 Mushroom Coffee $19.99
  2. Forager Organic 7 Mushroom Coffee – Decaf $19.99
  3. Organic Colombian Whole Bean Coffee – Extra Dark $14.99
  4. Decaf Organic Whole Bean Coffee From Chiapas and Oaxaca $14.99

The mushrooms that are used are and their benefits:

  • Chaga – inflammation/blood sugar
  • Lion’s mane – focus/circulation/depression
  • Reishi – detox/hormone imbalance
  • Cordyceps – energy/stamina/performance
  • Turkey tail – digestion/immunity/cold & flu
  • Maitake – diabetes/high blood pressure
  • Shiitake – cholesterol/eczema/anti-aging

All you have to do is add 6 ounces of hot water to 1 teaspoon of the coffee powder. Each jar has about 15 servings.

Price comparison

La Republica & Four Sigmatic prices are roughly around the same with La Republica being a little cheaper. For ground mushroom coffee mix from Four Sigmatic it is $24 or $19.40 if you subscribe and receive a shipment every 30 days or 60 days.

La Republica Coffee also provides free shipping.

Our Experience with La Republica Mushroom Coffee

Have you had instant coffee before? Well I have and I’ve been weary ever since. In short, it sucks!

Jacob and I have this super cool coffee maker that makes both a pot full of coffee and single served cups. How awesome, right?! We were so excited to receive this from Jacob’s mom as an engagement gift. If you don’t have one I strongly urge you to get one. So I was not entirely excited to drink instant coffee but I thought it would be worth it because of the mushrooms.

What’s awesome about mushroom coffee is that despite the name it doesn’t taste like mushrooms at all, it tastes like coffee! The first cup I made was the decaf coffee. I received the package around 2 pm and I was too excited to wait until the next morning to try it.

I microwaved a coffee cup filled with water and added in 2 teaspoons of the decaf coffee and some creamer. With this being my first cup of mushroom coffee I was pleasantly surprised. It tasted good and was easy to make. The blend stirs into the water completely without clumping up.

Jacob also tried it and liked it a lot. He’s been taking the caffeinated coffee blend with him to work so he can drink it later on during the day. He has actually had Four Sigmatic and he likes La Republica better. He said that the taste of La Republica’s coffee has a more normal coffee flavor.

If you go to La Republica’s website and submit your email you’ll receive 15% off of your first order.

I highly recommend trying them out!

Mushroom Foraging

Did you know that you could be making so much money from foraging mushrooms? Yeah, that’s right. I have heard of mushroom foraging before but never paid it any mind. My dad mentioned it recently saying how it’s a cool hobby that I could get into. Some people make as much as $200 an hour! That’s a kind of hobby I’d like to take up. If you’re interested you can pick up some books from your local bookstore such as 100 edible mushrooms. 

Before you go out hunting mushrooms to make some money do your research!

(Do not be like Michael Scott from The Office
and just start eating any mushroom that you see.)

Order coffee and coffee products here:

Click the images below to get yours

Cute Coffee Tees

Coffee I Must Tees

Coffee Mugs
Campfire Coffee Mugs | Free Shipping

La Republica Coffee

La Republica Organic Mushroom Coffee w/ 7 Superfood Shrooms (Chaga Lion's Mane Keto Paleo)

Four Sigmatic Coffee

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Ground Coffee - USDA Organic and Fair Trade Coffee with Lions Mane and Mushroom Powder - Focus, Wellness - Vegan, Paleo - 12 Oz - Dark Roast

*** I was gifted this coffee but opinions are 100% my own. I will always strive to provide honest posts***

If you’ve tried a mushroom coffee before, share! I know a lot of people that haven’t had mushroom coffee before and I highly recommend trying it. I would love to hear all about your experience and if you liked it or not.

Coming next to the blog is a review on Grove Collaborative, a brewery in Omaha and Ga & dairy-free coffee creamer and milk.

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  1. I’ve had this. It tastes pretty good.

    1. It does! What a surprise but it’s just like regular coffee just with more benefits.

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