Living Green Fresh Market: A Review

This is a post from 2014. It has been updated with more information about Green Market Pompano Beach & Living Green Farmers Market. 

Saturdays were made for farmers markets, and unfortunately, I haven’t been going to the markets recently. But then I came across a farmer’s market in Pompano Beach, called Pompano Beach Green Market (visit their Facebook page). So, my mother, sister and I woke up early this morning and decided to head up to check the place out.

This place is made up of probably about 20 or so tents, several of them have organic and local fruits and vegetables, others were food stands and some sold clothing and jewelry. To start off, I bought a little bundle of sunflowers (they are my favorite).


Then my family and I came across a tent that sold Moringa, Sunflower sprouts, and wheat grass shots. I was very tempted to get a wheat grass shot but I didn’t. My mother bought a jar of 30 Moringa pills. The guy she bought them from was extremely informative and friendly. He told her to start off with just 1 pill a day and gradually increase it to 2 a day.


Miracle trees talks extensively on the health benefits of Moringa and how it helps the environment. Moringa is native to India and parts of Africa. It is said to help with digestion, inflammation, to be rich in protein, and tons of other things.

According to Health Line, Moringa is:

  • Very nutritious
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • able to reduce inflammation
  • able to lower cholesterol

I’ll let you know how it affects my mother and if it helps.

I wasn’t really impressed by this farmers market, so my sister and I decided to sit down and eat something. I have never actually eaten a crab cake before, so I decided to give it a try. This was a crab cake on a bed of greens with a vinaigrette dressing and it was so delicious, I was very pleased. It was $13 for this plate and that is kind of discouraging because $13 is a lot for one crab cake.


Green Market Pompano Beach (as it is called now) runs from November 2 until April 25 every Saturday from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm. The market is off of 1st avenue & 1st street (corner of Dixie & Atlantic Blvd).

The markets mission:

To foster historical, cultural and civic awareness within the  entire community by creating, promoting and maintaining a successful  green market that provides high quality products, entertainment and  services.
We have a lot of exciting things planned for this season  including live music weekly, special events, and a great new location  nearing our permanent home!

Living Green Fresh Market

Before heading home, I quickly googled a farmers market close by and Living Green fresh market came up. This is not a farmers market but instead it’s a grocery store.


It’s right off of Commercial Blvd. and I fell IN LOVE. Right away I heard music playing and I got so excited. It was a mix of EDM, party and rap music. Then through the window I saw a dj, and I was even more excited! A fresh market with a live dj?!


He played amazing music and it made the shopping experience even better.

This place was similar to whole foods, they had things in bulk like rice, beans, nuts and even Goji berries that I tried for the first time, but I did not like them, unfortunately.


Living Green has their own brand of salsas and jams. They even have a little café that sells sandwiches, juices and salads. Another plus for me was all the samples that they had everywhere. I definitely tried all the samples that they had.

IMG_6508 IMG_6506 IMG_6504 IMG_6512 IMG_6511  IMG_6507  img_6502.jpg img_6501.jpg IMG_6500 IMG_6499 IMG_6496 IMG_6495

I took lots of pictures! I was excited to have discovered this place. There is something about a good fresh market that makes me so happy. Now, pricewise it’s not cheap, but just like anywhere else you can find things that are for a good buy. Of course, no one wants to spend a lot of money on food but at the same time, this is your health. So, you just have to think about what is more important to you.


What we ended up buying:

  • Olives
  • Broccoli (My favorite vegetable)
  •  Strawberries
  • Arugula
  •  Ginger juice (Very refreshing, but I do not recommend it if you don’t like ginger, it is very strong)
  •  Chickpeas

Living Green definitely impressed me and I am 100% going back to visit and stock up on stuff. This is a one and only store and if you’re going to visit, the dj is only there on Saturdays, so go that day.

Since 2014, it looks like Living Green Fresh Market has grown. There are now 3 locations, in Oakland Park, Pompano Beach, and Boca Raton.

About them:

“We had a vision for a local market free from the constraints of traditional thinking. We sourced items based on quality, passion, and frankly, what we enjoy. In the process, we got hungry and decided to add prepared foods. We value healthy eating, so with that in mind, we set out to make the best sandwiches and salads we could imagine. Often times while working late, we needed coffee and fresh juices for the morning, so we added them too. Next thing we knew, many of the same familiar faces kept coming back to find unique items, fresh produce, and to eat the same food we do. Many times, they even join us for an espresso and a locally made dessert.”

The market has pretty much everything. They have fruits and veggies, a fresh juice & coffee bar, sandwiches & salads, prepared hot & cold food and wine & beer. What more could you want? Hopefully whenever I visit South Florida again, I will be able to visit one of their locations to see more of what they have to offer.

Both the fresh market and the farmers market are places that I highly recommend. Check it out and let me know what you think!


Coming up next to the blog is homemade dairy-free coffee creamer & milk, a brewery in Omaha, Ga, and a review of Smile Brilliant! I cannot wait to share with you all everything that is coming! If you have any recommendations of what I should write about next please share, I want to write about what you want to read about.

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