Living Together – 2 Months In

***Living Together – 2 Months In is a sponsored post, written by myself and sponsored by Atlanta Peach Movers.***

I have always known that living with a boyfriend would be a no-go for me. My mom would always say, “You’re not leaving the house until your married”, unless I was living with female roommates, of course. Honestly, this was okay for me, I had no desire to live with someone and quite frankly, the older I got the more I realized I didn’t even want to get married.

Well, that all changed with Jacob. Everything went by so fast, but I’m not complaining! I knew that he was the one. We talked about our intentions early on, so we were both on the same page and it’s been smooth sailing ever since (not really, but really).

We went down a little unconventional route, in our own way. We got married legally and now we’re living together but our wedding is still in a couple of weeks.

When we were dating, I had this “schedule” that I wanted to stick to, and Jacob thought I was crazy. I wanted to be dating for at least a year to a year and a half and then he could propose. After that, we would be engaged for another year to a year and a half and then we would get married. To me that was the perfect timeline.

Well, life doesn’t happen how you think it will or how you plan it to work. The military does not recognize dating relationships nor fiancé’s, they only recognize legal marriages. So, this fact basically threw out my well planned and thought out schedule.

We have now completed 2 months of living together and it’s been amazing so far. I thought that we would fight about cleaning or putting stuff away. I thought that we would notice our differences and that would cause strife within our relationship. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened. It’s like Jacob and I were made for each other. Just kidding, we definitely have our disagreements but even from the first week of living together, it has felt like home.

The most difficult part for me was actually the process of moving. I hate moving. I hate boxing up all my stuff because then I realize that most of my stuff is junk and then I just want to throw it all away. I don’t know if you can relate but I have boxes filled with report cards from school, class photos and projects. I also have boxes of old VHS’s. When I was younger, my dad would always buy me whatever new Disney movie that was out and that was how we bonded.

Even though I love all of these things and they hold sentimental value, I don’t want any of this stuff, but I also don’t want to throw it away. I’m always imagining that one day I’ll have a classic Disney movie marathon or that these VHS’s will be worth a lot of money. I guess we’ll just have to see which of these will happen.

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They will definitely make moving so much easier.

Besides moving, everything else has been smooth. We go to thrift stores and antique shops to find furniture, even though Jacob hates it. At first, I was pretty intense with filling our house with furniture, now I’m trying to relax and just realize with time we’ll have everything we need. For me, it is just so exciting to find furniture and make our home together. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that I love making our house look nice and buying pillows and throw blankets. I always thought my mother was crazy when she would come home with new décor for the house but here I am doing the same thing.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to make dinner. I love having dinner either made or in the process of being done by the time that Jacob gets home. Every Sunday we make our weekly dinner plans and go grocery shopping. Jacob’s current favorite is rice, beans, tostones and a fried egg. We have been making it every Wednesday, and Jacob still gets so excited. This makes my life a little easier and I love that he has embraced food that I grew up eating.


We now have matching PJ’s, thanks to me!


We go hiking and running together.


How has your experience been living with your significant other? I’d love to hear about your tips about moving (we’ll have to move a lot).

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  1. Thanks for this post, very timely – think you just have to be tolerant of the other person… very challenging to do sometimes right?

  2. My husband and I struggled with different ideas of cleanliness. I want everything yo have a place and be in that place and he’s way more laid back. The best advice I can offer is to listen more than you speak.

    1. That’s awesome advice and definitely something I have been working on. My husband is more laid back too and I realize we think differently. Something I think is so common sense, has probably not even crossed his mind, haha!

  3. I totally feel your pain! I would have been fine just forever dating and never getting married, but the military is way too traditional! I just moved in with my SO after I graduated college, and moving was a pain! I sure hope I won’t have to do it again!

    1. I hope it’s going well!

  4. I totally understand your pain and we are in the same situation! I moved in with my SO about two months ago, after I graduated college and he is military as well! I am low-key hoping that he doesn’t get stationed anywhere else because I don’t really feel like packing everything and moving again!

    1. Hopefully you won’t get disappointed! We know we’ll have to move at least twice within the next year. Packing up and moving isn’t fun but I’m excited to see new things and try new food haha!

  5. HI Britney – It certainly is an adjustment when you live a life of moving. But you get there. Good to hear your recommendation of a removalist – they are important and you want things not damaged since you are keeping them for the reason that they are special! So good to hear that you and your man are doing so well – more is to come. Shared!

    1. Hey, thanks so much for reading and sharing! Moving around will definitely take some getting used to but I know it’ll be okay.

  6. Loved your post and honest thoughts. Thanks for sharing! I’ve lived with my husband for 13 years and this really took me back to the beginning. It is such an adjustment. Now we have 5 kids! We have moved a lot too, 11 different homes. My tip is to not get to attached to material stuff, keep things simple and minimalist like your wardrobe and kitchen utensils and packing cubes!!

    1. Thanks so much for reading! We are definitely adjusting to a more minimalist mindset with our stuff. Today I’m actually going through our closet to sell clothes and shoes we don’t wear. Thanks for the advice, I can’t wait to be 13 years in like you and your husband!

  7. I think the key to living together and just being married in general is remembering that no one is you but you. You have to let go of some of those expectations that your significant other will do everything the same way you would or be able to read your mind!

    1. Yes! I have definitely learned that. Jacob and I think very different and we are working on realizing that and just understanding that we need to communicate what we expect, what we’re thinking and feeling. Thanks for reading and keeping up!

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