Omaha Brewing Company: A Review

Omaha Brewing Company is located in Omaha, Georgia and they are doing great things! Owners Robert and Stephanie wanted to create craft beer that incorporates the comfort of Southern Georgia and they definitely hit it on the mark.

Jacob and I have been to several breweries throughout Georgia and we were excited to see what Omaha Brewing Company had to offer. I personally love visiting breweries because everyone that works with the brewery is so informed and passionate about beer. Usually, they know how it’s made and they’re able to explain to you in detail what goes in the beer and/or why their brewery is in the location that it is.

Let me tell you about a few that we’ve been to and keep reading our experience at Omaha Brewery.

Breweries we’ve visited

Terrapin Beer Co.

Our first brewery together was Terrapin in Athens, Georgia. We were on our way back home from visiting North Georgia (which was absolutely beautiful) and stopping here was spontaneous. We visited during their “Dark of the Moon” event, which was Star Wars themed and I was so excited. Terrapin has awesome beer and their brewery is family-friendly and fun. I wish I took more pictures to share but we were too busy enjoying our beer.


New Belgium Brewery

When we took a trip to Asheville, North Carolina, we visited New Belgium Brewery. New Belgium was beautiful! This is definitely one of my favorite breweries. We took a tour and sampled some really good beer. Our tour guide was informative, really chill and funny. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any cool pictures of this spot (we were having way too much fun) but that only means that we have to go back!

Jekyll Brewing

Visiting this brewery was a last-minute idea for us, we were visiting Atlanta and we were a little bored. (One thing I definitely recommend whenever you’re traveling is to plan out places you want to go to).  We actually went to Sweetwater Brewing Company first but they were having a wedding there that night so we headed over to Jekyll. Honestly, this wasn’t my favorite brewery, but I still recommend visiting. It is a chill spot to hang out with friends and play some pool. The beer was okay, nonetheless, it was a fun experience for us.


Chattahoochee Brewing Company

This brewery is in Phenix City, Alabama, which is on the border of Georgia and Alabama. I was not a fan of this brewery. It’s like a dive bar. They do offer their own beer on tap but they don’t have a lot so we tried other local beers.

What’s cool about this place is that they use Untappd, which is an app where you can “check-in” and share what beer you’re drinking. On one of their screens they had information about what people are saying about the beers that they offer. With Untappd you can explore popular bars, breweries and beer. You can also keep track of what you’ve tried and see what other people are trying. Super cool, right? I probably won’t be back but they had good beer so if you’re in the area, you should check it out!


Riverwatch Brewery

This brewery is located in Augusta, Georgia and it is a local favorite. We visited one evening for 90’s trivia and we were so impressed. Although we lost at trivia (it was harder than I thought it was going to be) we had fun trying some of their beers. I recommend this brewery on a cool day. It was extremely hot out when we went and although they have fans outside with mists I was sweating like crazy.


About Omaha Brewing Company

Omaha has been distributing their beer since 2014, they are currently in a building that used to be a school, then an industrial plant and now it’s a brewery; which we’re all thankful for. This brewery is not only trying to produce clean beer with the best ingredients, but they are also trying to make a beer that people can enjoy and relate to.

You might be saying, “Where is Omaha, Georgia?”. Well, you’re not alone, I thought the same thing. Omaha is a little over 2 hours south of Atlanta and just about 40 minutes south of Columbus, Georgia.

Click here to see where you can find Omaha Brewing Company’s beer.

Our Experience

Before visiting the brewery we decided that we would hike at Providence Canyon State Park and thank God we did! We hiked around the loop and it was a lot fun. Jacob and I love to go hiking and do physical activities together because that helps us bond. I highly recommend taking the time to appreciate the beauty of Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon”. Here are some pictures:







When I say that Omaha is out in the middle of nowhere, I am NOT exaggerating. It’s a nice relaxing drive to the brewery, though, and when we finally got to it, we were so excited.

Walking in, the hostess explained the token system that they use on Saturdays. Basically, we buy tokens to drink beer, each token is $5. One token pay for a beer and two tokens pay for a flight. So naturally, we got a flight. We tried Nada Banana, Island coconut lime & peach, Country’s Sweet Tea Lager, and their Windcheater Kolsch.

I found out that I love sweet tea lagers. I tried one somewhere else, I have no idea where, but I really enjoyed Omaha’s. Another winner for me is their hard seltzer which was just released recently. They’re easy to drink and they’re flavors are awesome.

On Saturday’s they also have a food truck but when we went it wasn’t set up yet. Jacob was not happy! We waited so he could try their creole style shrimp, but we decided just to head out.

Hard Seltzer

Omaha’s Island Rain hard-sparkling water is the FIRST Georgia brewed hard seltzer. They have two flavors, coconut-lime & peach, and both are delicious.

“If you think people look at us different because we’re a microbrewery and we decided to brew a hard-sparkling water, you should have seen their reaction when we told them we decided to open a brewery in one of the poorest counties in one of the smallest cities in Georgia 6 years ago.”

– Robert Lee, Owner & CEO

Tasting Room Hours:

Monday-Friday: 1pm – 8pm
Saturday: 1pm – 9pm
Closed on Sundays
Every Friday and Saturday there are food trucks and they invite you to bring your own food to enjoy.






If you’re in the area, want an to go on an adventure or see that alligator logo that says Omaha Brewing Company then I definitely recommend trying it! They’re an awesome brewery creating great products.

Get to know Omaha Brewing Company, click their social media links below




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  1. We’re like you, hiking and then going to eat or a brewery. This place looks awesome. We will put in on our list when we are in Georgia.

    1. Perfect! North Georgia also has a lot of trails and wineries. It’s absolutely beautiful up there.

  2. Cold beer after a hike? Yes, please!!!! Gotta try some of these breweries when we go to Georgia!

    1. It was awesome! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!

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