Spring Forward with Minimalism

Good morning!

Have you guys tried to do some sort of minimalism in your life?

Well, I have. And let me tell you… it is so hard! I’ll be moving so much this year so I decided to save myself some headaches. I can probably do away with a lot of stuff that I have, most of it is clothes and books but it’s just so much.

Despite this, I’m going to share with you what has worked for me!



You can use TONS of apps such as let go, poshmark, mercari, depop and even ebay. But it is not easy, you have to actually put some effort into this. I have sold some items on here so it is definitely worth a shot. Make sure when you post items, they are ironed and look presentable.


2nd & Charles is amazing! First, let me tell you, they have awesome prices on tons of books. I love coming here for little gifts and anything that I was interested in reading. You can also sell your books, electronics, movies and so much more to them. Like any buy back program, you don’t get as much as you want back for your items but the whole point is to just get rid of the stuff, at least for me it is. What’s cool with this buyback program is that they’ll tell you how much you’ll receive if you keep it as store credit versus how much you’ll receive it you take cash back.

Uptown Cheapstake  similar to 2nd & Charles, this place will take your gently used clothes. Again, they won’t give you a lot for what you have and honestly it can be quite offensive. BUT it was important for me to just remember, I want to get rid of this stuff.

Garage sales! Yes utilize this, you can make so much money selling your stuff at a garage sale. You can also get in on community yard sales, for example, I participated in a community yard sale that the local YMCA hosted. (You’ll get some much more traffic this way). And definitely wait until it’s warmer outside, that’s why spring is perfect, people don’t want to go garage sale-ing if it’s cold and crappy outside!

Giving Away

This can be hard, especially if you hold on to the mentality “I paid so much for this item”. Let go of that, the point of minimalism is to have less junk, less unused items that are just taking up space in your life. Just close your eyes and get rid of it. I highly, HIGHLY suggest NOT donating it to Goodwill. Yes, I know they employee people that have a hard time getting a job but they are making a profit from your stuff! I suggest going to your local church and donating it there. There is an awesome place around me that has a “mock” thrift store. People are able to go in an fill their little garbage bag with whatever they can fit in it for just a couple of dollars. Just think, you’re items are going to someone else and they’ll probably make good use of it.

Minimalism is still a hard thing for me and I still need to focus on the purpose but I am definitely trying!



If you have any tips, I would love to hear about them!



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