Omaha Brewing Company: A Review


Omaha Brewing Company is located in Omaha, Georgia and they are doing great things! Owners Robert and Stephanie wanted to create craft beer that incorporates the comfort of Southern Georgia and they definitely hit it on the mark.

Jacob and I have been to several breweries throughout Georgia and we were excited to see what Omaha Brewing Company had to offer. I personally love visiting breweries because everyone that works with the brewery is so informed and passionate about beer. Usually, they know how it’s made and they’re able to explain to you in detail what goes in the beer and/or why their brewery is in the location that it is.

Let me tell you about a few that we’ve been to and keep reading our experience at Omaha Brewery.

Breweries we’ve visited read more

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3 Ways to Stick to Your Grocery Shopping Budget

I’ll be the first to admit that married life has been amazing. I have heard tons of people say living with someone is so different, that you really learn about someone’s quirks and bad habits. While this is definitely true, I still wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Thankfully, Jacob and I think fairly the same. One thing we agree on is sticking to a budget, even when we go grocery shopping.

Groceries are EXPENSIVE, especially when you’re trying to eat clean and organic.

Jacob and I have always been really into food (hence why I always talk about food on my blog), this is something that has helped us bond. While we were dating, we spent SO MUCH money going out and eating. We both now wish we would have saved that money and cooked at home. (If you’re dating, save your money!) Of course, we had so much fun going to different restaurants and trying different foods but wow, food everywhere is expensive.

In our effort of saving money and cooking at home we do several things, such as create a menu for the week, budget money for groceries, and shop smart.

1. Budget money for groceries

This is the FIRST thing that you need to do. For Jacob and I, we tend to spend roughly about $120 a week on groceries. This amount does not include the random trips I take to the grocery store to get one or two items throughout the week.

You will need to sit down and physically write out or type out a budget. You have to figure out what works best for you. For me, writing things out helps me and maybe it’ll work for you too. Some apps that I recommend for budgeting are: Mint and EveryDollar.

2. Create a menu for the week & a shopping list

The first few times we tried creating a menu before grocery shopping was easy. We were excited to plan what we were going to eat and make fun food. After a while though, the excitement wore off. It became difficult to come up with new dishes that we wanted to eat and I didn’t want to make the same things over and over again. That’s where Pinterest comes in, (check mine out Think and Bee Happy). Pinterest is awesome for searching for dishes to make. They have everything, just search for what you’re looking for and you’ll find so many results. Some of my searching include “easy dinner recipes”, “easy & healthy dinner recipes” and “meatless dinner recipes”.

Here is an example of a weeks menu that we’ve done before:

MondayRice, beans, tostones, & fried egg read more

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