La Republica Coffee: Mushroom Coffee, A Review


There are tons of trends going on right now and I am trying to get on board with them! One of them is mushroom coffee.

I have been drinking coffee for years, probably since I was 19/20. I go through my phases of having to drink 2 cups of coffee a day to just 1 and then to none.… Read some more

A Weekend in Columbus, Ga.

This past weekend, Jacob left me for Ranger School. Although this isn’t the happiest moment for me, I am proud of him and I just can’t wait to see him again.

In preparation for Ranger School, Jacob and I ate…. A LOT.… Read some more

Bodega Ultima

I have found my favorite brunch place in Augusta, Ga. FINALLY! Bodega Ultima is located in Surrey Center, a cute little plaza with restaurants and shops.
So coming in my sister and I were excited to get some breakfast but they only serve breakfast from 8-11, bummer.… Read some more