Easy Wedding DIY’s

Wedding planning is so stressful, so incredibly stressful! There are now less than 45 days left and I feel like I have everything in order, but honestly, I highly doubt I do. For starters, I still don’t have a veil, madness, right?… Read some more

DIY Wedding Sign

***This is a sponsored post, written by myself and sponsored by Saw Trax Manufacturing, Inc.***


Hello everyone!

So, wedding planning is in full swing.What we have booked so far:

  • The venue! Thank God, it is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to share photos of this amazing place. 
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DIY Maid of Honor Proposal

Happy Sunday!
Just so you guys are updated, I finally bought my wedding dress! Given, I wasn’t really looking for a dress, it just happened!
I was beyond ecstatic! But this post is all about the maid of honor proposal. My sister is my maid of honor and she told me “You have to ask me to be your maid of honor in a cute way”, and honestly I didn’t want to!… Read some more

DIY CorkBoard

What is better than truly making your living area your own by doing fun DIY’s?
I’m always on Pinterest so I come across all kinds of cool DIY’s and some actually seem really hard. I decided doing this simple one that would go great in my room because it seemed pretty quick.… Read some more