Homemade Bread!!!!

So yesterday I decided it was the day to make some bread. I don’t really have much going for me right now besides work and hanging out with my dog, so on my days off I’m always cooking. I was reading some things about how the bread that we’re used to isn’t real bread. And it’s extremely true, bread in the store is filled with preservatives to mass produce it and because of how bleached it is, there are basically no nutrients in it. I love bread and I’m quite positive I will always love it and never be able to give it up. So I made some. My favorite bread right now is Ezekiel Bread (I wrote about it in my blog post about 2 months ago in Must Have Items!) It’s a great bread, it’s made out of wheat, barley, lentils, spelt and so on. But I don’t have any Ezekiel Bread right now.

****Even though I’m always cooking, I’m not that great of a cook. Most of the things I make I only eat because no one else likes it and I’m pretty much experimenting with different things. But this bread was AMAZING.****

It’s basically “Italian” bread because of the herbs I used to crust it but you can skip this part and only make the bread or crust it with anything else (i.e. cinnamon sugar and so on).


  • 2 cups of bread flour
  • 4 cups of All purpose flour (I used unbleached flour)
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 3 cups of warm water (I microwaved the water until it reached 110 degrees)
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon of instant yeast


** For the crust**

I basically eyeballed it, it really depends on what you like. For example I love garlic so I used a little more of that. Do it how you like it! But roughly I used these measurements.

  • 1/3 cup olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic

I used this to both coat the bread and use as a dipping sauce.


So to start:

I dissolved my salt for the bread into the warm water. Once dissolved, I put it into my mixing bowl, I added all of the yeast and all of the bread flour and only about 2 cups of my all purpose flour. I mixed it on low. Once it comes together I slowly added the rest of the flour, about 1/2 cup at a time.

Once everything is mixed I coated my counter with flour and kneaded the bread for about 5 minutes. I grabbed my pot that I was going to use to cook the bread in and coated it with oil so my bread doesn’t stick and plopped my bread into there. **make sure all of your bread is coated with the oil.** I then covered it with plastic wrap that also had oil on it. Then on top of that I put a dish towel and placed it into the cabinet for an hour to rise.

After an hour it definitely rose! This is when I got really excited, it was finally looking like real bread!

I preheated my oven to 350 degrees and took my bread out of the pot to knead it just a little more, probably about 4 minutes. Placed it back into my pot and got a brush and coated the bread, generously, with my oil mixture. I then popped it into the oven for about 30 minutes, or until the crust is nice and golden brown.

Once out of the oven, I coated the bread a little more with my mixture and it is done!!!!

It was so good, I was so proud of myself with this one. Definitely one of the best things I’ve ever made. It wasn’t hard, it just takes some time. I think it’s really good for people to know how to make such simple things such as bread. Get back to the basics and make your own things, or at least know how to make it. It was 1000000000% better than store bought bread, seriously try it out for yourself!

If you tweak the recipe and do something different let me know! I’d love to hear about it.

I hope you guys have a great Tuesday,

-Love Nicole ❤


Must have items!

Over the past several weeks, I have fell in love with a few products:

  •  Coconut Oil
  •  Lemon
  •  Apple Cider Vinegar
  •  Baking Soda
  •  Indian Healing Clay
  •  Ezekiel Bread

Coconut Oil:


Coconut oil is literally like manna from heaven. This product is probably my absolute favorite. I use it to:

  •  Moisturize my hair and my dogs fur
  •  Oil pulling
  •  Cook with
  •  Moisturize my skin

I haven’t been oil pulling for very long but despite the weird feeling it gives me I have been trying to stick it out and continue. I take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around my mouth for about 20 minutes and then spit it out into the garbage. After I brush my teeth like normal. I have been doing this morning and night for about a week and it feels great. My teeth and mouth feel a lot cleaner. I’m going to continue doing this so I’ll let you guys know what happens.

Oil pulling is said to whiten your teeth, eliminate bad breath and prevent diseases in your gums. It is also said to benefits things other than your mouth such as, reduce congestion, relieve headaches, reduce redness in joints and helps to promote better sleep patterns.

I do not know how true all this information is but it’s kind of interesting.

Everything coconut is pretty much good for you, such as coconut sugar. It’s a lot healthier than regular sugar and can be used just the same!



Second to coconut oil, lemon is like manna from heavens cousin. I use lemon for various things. I drink warm water throughout the day and I put a little lemon juice in the water. (Also warm water with lemon juice and cayenne pepper) I clean my face probably around 3 days a week with lemon and honey. I have been eating watermelon a lot lately and I put lemon juice on the watermelon chunks and let me tell you! It is amazing, I would have never guessed. You must try it.


Lemon with warm water helps to detox the body

Helps in digestion

Prevents acne and wrinkles

Maintains body pH levels

Apple cider vinegar:

image (9)

This vinegar is a little sweeter than your average white vinegar. I use this vinegar to clean my face as well. I have heard that it is good to drink a teaspoon of this vinegar once a day. I have not tried doing this but I think it would be beneficial. I use this vinegar for salad dressing as well. I have completely stopped using salad dressings such as Italian, and Ranch. And I use apple cider vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. Seriously it is so much better than those dressings that completely mask the flavors of the vegetables.

I also use this vinegar with two other items on my list!


Lowers blood sugar levels

Help with weight loss

Help with sore throats (Gargle the vinegar with warm water)

And gives you an energy boost!

Baking Soda:

Baking soda doesn’t just have to be for baking. I use this item with my apple cider vinegar and use it for shampoo and conditioner. I know that might sound a little weird but it is actually refreshing. (I got this from a coworker, thanks Jason <3)

So I get two cups and I just put a little bit of vinegar in one and a little bit of the baking soda in another and take it with me to the shower. When I’m ready to wash my hair I take the baking soda cup and fill it half way with water. and then I pour it all over my hair focusing primarily on my scalp. Then I massage my scalp. After a little while I rise that out of my hair with cold water. Then I do the same with the vinegar. You have to make sure you rinse your hair out good though so you don’t end up smelling like vinegar the whole day. But it makes my hair feel smoother and cleaner since it doesn’t have all the chemicals that regular shampoo and conditioner has.

Keep in mind this is not supposed to be used everyday. Since overusing this might strip your hair of its natural oils. I only use it when my hair needs some revitalization and a break from all kinds of products. And with certain hair types it might leave your hair dry. That’s why I focus on my scalp when I’m washing with these items. After I clean my hair with this I moisturize with coconut oil so my hair isn’t so dry.

Baking soda is also great for brushing your teeth. A while ago I tried making my own toothpaste, I kind of failed but I still use it because its so simple to make.

It is just coconut oil, mint essential oil and baking soda.

You can use baking soda for insect bites as well and as a natural deodorant ( my next project).

Indian Healing clay:


This God-given product that you can get from whole foods has done wonders for my face.

I try to use it once a week or just whenever my face needs it.

I take about a tablespoon of the product and add it with apple cider vinegar. Then I spread it all over my face and wait about 20 minutes for it to dry. You can feel your skin pulsate and tighten. I rinse it off with cold water and it leaves my face red (which lasts for about 15 minutes) but it is like a new face, so fresh and clean.

This product is made of bentonite clay which is referred to as Aztec magic.

This clay helps to get your cells more oxygen and be able to breathe.

It relieves digestion problems.

Improves the health of teeth and mouth

It can also be used as an alternative to baby powder!

Ezekiel bread:

Aka the Bible bread. I love bread, I will eat bread all day and night and that’s kind of a problem for me. Because of my love for bread I have been trying alternatives, such as wraps made from rice and things of that nature but this Ezekiel bread is perfect. To be honest it took me a little to get used to this bread. It is not like other bread. They do not have flour, it is organic, it is made out of 6 different grains and legumes and it tastes great. I’ll typically eat the bread like toast with coconut oil on it. It’s amazing. They have different flavors but my favorite is the sprouted grain. Give this bread a chance and you’ll love it too.

These items are not that hard to get and have multiple uses so it saves money and time!

Happy Saturday ❤