Sunday’s at Swank Co.

Yesterday I was honored to attend a blogger event at The Swank Company. It was amazing! We were able to try on their new spring arrivals and check out what they offered in store.

They have everything you could ever want! I love their little accessories, (I definitely bought two pairs of hoops). They have beautiful agendas and planners (which I love), awesome shoes and the most comfortable & versatile clothes.


If you’re in the Augusta area, check them out! They have two convenient locations.



Wedding Dress Sample Studio

Good morning my beautiful followers!

As many of you know, and many probably do not, I am engaged! But honestly, I’m kind of freaking out, I want the most perfect wedding there is but I’m afraid to make any decisions.

To begin with, my dress! What if I don’t like the one I bought, why am I not crying like all the other girls on TV are, and why are all the dresses so expensive? (spending more than $1,000 on a dress I’m only going to wear once…. that’s ludicrous)

Well, in little Augusta, Georgia I found a sample studio, Tiffinie Bleu Bridal Sample Studio Yes, finally! And its conveniently located right next to my school, I hit the jackpot.

Of course, I follow them on Instagram, (because all I do on social media now is look up wedding stuff), and low and behold they are doing a 10% off flash sale! YES, YES, YES!

Before I get into the sample studio, let me tell you that they do have their regular salon, Tiffinie Bleu Bridal Boutique. It is absolutely perfect. It is by appointment only and you get the whole salon to yourself and the best customer service I’ve ever received. Also, they gave us (my mother, maid of honor and I) champagne and cookies. It was the first time I actually felt engaged and like a bride, I loved it.

I’m only going to share photos of dresses that I am not considering, so my fiance doesn’t know which one I’m getting!

Honestly, trying on dresses was not fun. I didn’t get emotional, I didn’t exclaim “Yes, this is the one… I’m saying yes to the dress!”. Maybe I’m not girly enough, who knows.


But I took a trip to their sample studio to see if they had anything that I wanted. With sample studios it is definitely a hit or miss, they offer discounted dresses straight from their bridal salon. They also have belts, veils and shoes, which is awesome. They’re customer service is just as amazing as at their other location.




If you’re a bride in the Augusta area taking a visit to either of these places is necessary.

If you guys have any tips or advice for my fiance and I please do not hesitate to initiate a conversation! We would love advice on weddings and just how to remain calm and not stressed. Thanks so much for stopping by!



Always Shop Post Season 

So I’m pretty sure everyone is well aware that the best sales happen when the season is over. And if you don’t know, well now you know. 

Let me show you what I got on my recent little shopping trip. 

From Macys: 

Lucky brand 

Lucky brand 

Betsy Johnson 

Steven by Steve Madden 

Ivanka Trump

FIVE pairs of quality shoes for only 140$, that comes out to be less than 30$ a pair. 

Honestly incredible! Some of these shoes were originally 129$.

Here in Georgia some days are still a little cold so I am still able to wear these! Thank god. 

Also I bought some scarves from Loft. 

Each only 4.88$

Talk about a bargain. I do shop during the seasons, of course. But honestly never pay for anything full price. A sale will always come around, just be patient. 

Have a beautiful Monday ❤️

DIY CorkBoard

What is better than truly making your living area your own by doing fun DIY’s?

I’m always on Pinterest so I come across all kinds of cool DIY’s and some actually seem really hard. I decided doing this simple one that would go great in my room because it seemed pretty quick. (Unfortunately I get really frustrated when things take too long so this project was perfect.)

All you need:

  • A corkboard
  • pins
  • burlap
  • staple gun
  • And I used some blue ribbon to make a pocket(but that is optional)

**** When you shop at Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s google for example “Michael’s coupons” or “Jo-Ann’s coupons” there are usually coupons online for like 40% or even 50% off. Definitely take advantage of that*****


You simply have to cover your board with the burlap. You have to make it really tight the first time because it is easy for the material to bunch up which you’ll then have to redo it.


You don’t have to add the pins, but I did to make a border and I used gold because it matches my room. Use whatever colors you want!


Then I added just a little something extra, I decided this board needed a pocket for my important papers.


When it came to actually putting it up in my room I realized I didn’t have much to put on it. I put my school papers in the pocket and some of my 5k run ribbons up. But I do love this board, especially because I made it!

And the final product:


Let me know what you guys think! And if you have any cool DIY’s I’d love to hear all about them!

Have a great Wednesday ❤



Final Cut Equals Unique Finds 

I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say we all like a good deal, right? Right. Well luckily for those of you in the Augusta, Ga area there is a fantastic place for you to get a good deal and unique finds. From bras to shoes to wedding dresses to bed frames, they really do have it all. Final Cut is for those of us that want to dress like we’re going to coachella without paying the coachella prices. For those of us that love owning unique pieces without going completely bankrupt. This is the place you’ve been looking for. 

The outside of this place is nothing special, it just says Final Cut but you go in and you get so overwhelmed by everything you just don’t know where to start. (Or at least that’s what happens to me) 

Now let me warn you guys, really cool things will not just pop out at you and say “buy me!”. You will have to do some work. There are tons of boxes that are filled with clothes and in order to find something you like you’re going to have to dig. But it’s worth it, the clothes are from Free People, Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, and Asics shoes. 

For me the clothes all over the place is extremely overwhelming and I do get discouraged but I keep coming back. 

The first thing that my family and I bought were these GORGEOUS shoes.  


They’re from Urban Outfiters and we all know Urban is kinda on the expensive side. At Final Cut these shoes were only $30 and they were the only ones there. I looked them up online and Urban is selling them for 79$ so thanks Final Cut for that price. 

And today I bought another great pair of heels.   


These heels are from Spendid. I’ve never really seen the brand before and I don’t know much about them but I looked them up and they’re pretty expensive. They have a plain t-shirt for $80! Talk about ridiculous. I found a pair of heels that look just like these but just a solid color and they’re $179 HUGE difference from the $30 that I bought them for. 

Besides the cool shoes they also have furniture that’ll turn your boring place into the most happenin’ spot around. And they have guys that’ll help you load your furniture into your car.

Around the store they have signs saying how much some items are priced. 

For some of the nicer items this is pretty cool but with some stuff it’s like “Do I really want to pay $25 for this jacket?” And that’s why you have to shop smart. I think this place is great for shoes. Shoes can be unreasonably expensive but Final Cut helps with that. One thing that is EXTREMELY annoying is that they might not have the size you want. Nothing is more painful than find the most beautiful pair of shoes that you can’t live without and not being able to find your size. #FirstWorldProblems 

 But buyers beware all sales are final and they make that clear with signs all over the store.  
This place isn’t my favorite but I like going when I have time to look around, you never know what you’ll find. If you’re ever in the Augusta area check it out! 


Happy Saturday 💜