Bodega Ultima

I have found my favorite brunch place in Augusta, Ga. FINALLY! Bodega Ultima is located in Surrey Center, a cute little plaza with restaurants and shops.

So coming in my sister and I were excited to get some breakfast but they only serve breakfast from 8-11, bummer. But their lunch menu was equally appetizing. There were a lot of people inside which got me even more excited.

A coffee was a must





Guys, I ordered a smoked salmon BLT completely forgetting that BLT’s have bacon in them HAHA



Absolutely amazing, I never had smoked salmon and I’m extremely happy that it was this great. (I did remove the bacon)


This is the trashcan wrap with salmon, another absolutely amazing item.


Jo even loved it!

If you’re in the Augusta area this place is a must!



DIY CorkBoard

What is better than truly making your living area your own by doing fun DIY’s?

I’m always on Pinterest so I come across all kinds of cool DIY’s and some actually seem really hard. I decided doing this simple one that would go great in my room because it seemed pretty quick. (Unfortunately I get really frustrated when things take too long so this project was perfect.)

All you need:

  • A corkboard
  • pins
  • burlap
  • staple gun
  • And I used some blue ribbon to make a pocket(but that is optional)

**** When you shop at Michael’s or Jo-Ann’s google for example “Michael’s coupons” or “Jo-Ann’s coupons” there are usually coupons online for like 40% or even 50% off. Definitely take advantage of that*****


You simply have to cover your board with the burlap. You have to make it really tight the first time because it is easy for the material to bunch up which you’ll then have to redo it.


You don’t have to add the pins, but I did to make a border and I used gold because it matches my room. Use whatever colors you want!


Then I added just a little something extra, I decided this board needed a pocket for my important papers.


When it came to actually putting it up in my room I realized I didn’t have much to put on it. I put my school papers in the pocket and some of my 5k run ribbons up. But I do love this board, especially because I made it!

And the final product:


Let me know what you guys think! And if you have any cool DIY’s I’d love to hear all about them!

Have a great Wednesday ❤



Abolishing the Judicial Qualifications Commission Amendment 3 Georgia

What will be on the ballot:

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to abolish the existing Judicial Qualifications Commission; require the General Assembly to create and provide by general law for the composition, manner of appointment, and governance of a new Judicial Qualifications Commission, with such commission having the power to discipline, remove, and cause involuntary retirement of judges; require the Judicial Qualifications Commission to have procedures that provide for due process of law and review by the Supreme Court of its advisory opinions; and allow the Judicial Qualifications Commission to be open to the public in some manner?”

The low down:

This amendment will essentially remove the current Judicial Qualifications Commission, which is an independent watchdog organization and replace it with a general assembly which will be ran out of the state legislature.

The JQC now conducts investigations on complaints of misconduct and ethical issues by Georgia’s judges. Their members serve 4 year terms and is comprised of:

  • 2 citizens that are not members of the state bar
  • 2 judges selected by the supreme court of Georgia
  • And 3 lawyers appointed by the state bar of Georgia

The JQC removes judges from the bench but does not prosecute them. A prosecutor is free do that with the evidence that the JQC provides. This committee has removed about 70 judges since the 1970’s.


Those supporting this amendment have stated that the JQC has targeted judges that do not agree with their policies. Many believe that this committee has internal problems that needs to be fixed.


Those oppose to this amendment believe that the only people benefiting from it will be unethical judges that are not conducting themselves how they should. Many believe that these judges would influence lawmakers to avoid any kind of punishment that they might receive.

This is an interesting amendment to know and make sure you vote how YOU feel is right.

If you have any questions or comments let me know!



Excise Taxes on Firework Sales Amendment 4 Georgia

What the ballot will say:

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended so as to provide that the proceeds of excise taxes on the sale of fireworks or consumer fireworks be dedicated to the funding of trauma care, firefighter equipping and training, and local public safety purposes?”

This amendment will not add any new taxes. It will use the taxes that are being acquired from the sale of fireworks and fund fire services and public safety.

More specifically:

  • 55 percent of the taxes would go toward trauma care.
  • 40 percent would go to improving the equipment and training of firefighters.
  • And 5 percent would go toward public safety.


The only opposition that I found for this amendment was that Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission should not be receiving tax dollars in the first place.

And many supporting this amendment point to the fact that there are many places in south Georgia that desperately need funds to improve their trauma care facilities.

This isn’t one of the more controversial amendments but it is still important to know about it!

If you have any comments or questions let me know,



State Intervention in Failing Public Schools Amendment 1 Georgia


Amendment 1:

What the ballot will say:

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow the state to intervene in chronically failing public schools in order to improve student performance?”

Here is the low down:

According to WalletHub, based on a study they did comparing the quality of education by state, Georgia ranks number 35 out of the 50 states. There are 2,200 schools and about 125 of them are currently considered “failing”.  Something does need to be done to improve Georgia’s public school system. 

A superintendent that is appointed by the governor will run the Opportunity School District and will only have to answer to the governor. This superintendent will be able to turn these failing schools into charter schools or even close the schools altogether. This person will also be in charge of the tax dollars that support these schools and the hiring/firing of school employees.


Governor Nathan Deal really wants this amendment to pass, he credits it as being part of his legacy. Supporters of this amendment claim that the local officials have been in charge of their public schools and have failed the students by allowing these schools to fail.


The privatization of the schools, period. The state will take control of these schools, it will no longer be ran by elected local officials but instead those appointed by the governor will control it. Many believe that this is a “power grab” and it is far too much power for the state government to have.


Now the question is…

  how will you vote?

If you have any comments or questions feel free to let me know!


Safe Harbor Georgia Amendment 2

On November 8th, Georgians will be voting on Amendment 2, below are some quick facts for you to understand what the bill means and what opposition it has.

Amendment 2:

Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow additional penalties for criminal cases in which a person is adjudged guilty of keeping a place of prostitution, pimping, pandering, pandering by compulsion, solicitation of sodomy, masturbation for hire, trafficking of persons for sexual servitude, or sexual exploitation of children and to allow assessments on adult entertainment establishments to fund the Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund to pay for care and rehabilitative and social services for individuals in this state who have been or may be sexually exploited?”

A yes vote will provide funding for restorative services such as medical treatment, housing and counseling. The funding will come from new fines that will be placed on those convicted of crimes such as sex trafficking. There will also be fines on the adult entertainment industry especially places that serve alcohol and promotes nudity. The charges on individuals with be $2500 on top of what the court decides to fine them with. And for businesses it will be either 1% of their gross annual income from the year before or $5000 whichever is greater.

Georgia state senator Renee Unterman made her case saying that strip clubs promote sex and the selling of it so there is a direct link between the clubs and sex trafficking which makes it okay to tax these businesses.

If the amendment is passed non profits and faith based organizations will be able to apply for these funds so they can provide these services.

It will rack up about 2 million dollars to provide services for these children. The services includes talking to a psychiatrist, psychologists, counselors and social workers.


Those opposed to this bill object to charging law-abiding strip clubs. Why should strip clubs be the target and not other venues that sex traffickers are known to use like truck stops, hotels and various websites.

Some say that it will be expanding the welfare state because it includes children who voluntarily involve themselves in sexual activities, these children will be able to receive medical attention and housing. So in a sense “they will be awarded for bad behavior”.

It will empower the larger businesses, shut down the smaller businesses but will not prevent children from being exploited.


If you have any comments or anything to add let me know!




Carrot Banana Bread Cake

I am all about making non-conventional food, so when I came across this carrot banana bread cake recipe I was extremely excited. This recipe is easy, I didn’t have to buy anything extra, we had all these ingredients in the pantry! (Always a plus when you don’t have to make a trip to the store.), and it is the best mash up of banana bread and carrot cake. This recipe is NOT mine, I am always on Pinterest and I came across this from I will give credit where credit is due, so thanks Monique!


  • 2 mashed bananas
  • 1 egg
  • 2 cups of chopped carrots
  • 1/2 cup of quick oats
  • 2 tablespoons of applesauce
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1/2 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup of powdered sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup of pecans
  • 4 ounces of cream cheese
  • 1/3 cup of almond milk

Seriously this is so easy.

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees, while that is happening get all your ingredients ready. Simply mix your flour, oats, baking soda and powder, cinnamon and salt together. In another bowl mix together your bananas, brown sugar, egg, vanilla, applesauce, almond milk and carrots. Add all your ingredients together (wet & dry) and fold in about half those pecans. You can use a bread loaf pan, I actually didn’t have one so I just used the pan I usually use for brownies. Once your ingredients are ready and your oven is heated, prepare your pan, I coated mine with coconut oil, and pour your mixture in there and pop it into the oven. It took my bread about 35 minutes to cook completely. But while that was cooking I got my frosting ready. This was honestly my favorite part, I LOVE cream cheese frosting. For this part you just beat all of your frosting ingredients, cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla and cinnamon and your done with that! Easy right?

Once your bread is done, let it cool before adding your frosting on top (So it doesn’t melt all over the place). When it is cool and you added your frosting throw some chopped pecans on top!


I hope you guys try this out, it’s a unique take on both banana bread and carrot cake and I am sure you’ll love it!

Let me know what you guys think! I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Have a great Wednesday!