Living Together – 2 Months In

***Living Together – 2 Months In is a sponsored post, written by myself and sponsored by Atlanta Peach Movers.***

I have always known that living with a boyfriend would be a no-go for me. My mom would always say, “You’re not leaving the house until your married”, unless I was living with female roommates, of course. Honestly, this was okay for me, I had no desire to live with someone and quite frankly, the older I got the more I realized I didn’t even want to get married. read more

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Easy Wedding DIY’s

Wedding planning is so stressful, so incredibly stressful! There are now less than 45 days left and I feel like I have everything in order, but honestly, I highly doubt I do. For starters, I still don’t have a veil, madness, right? Our ring bearers still don’t have their outfits, I don’t have a makeup artist, and the list just goes on and on. Just writing this is stressing me out.

In the beginning I wanted to do all kinds of DIY’s, I even wanted my family to create the centerpieces. I wanted to purchase the flowers ourselves and take the whole week before the wedding to work on all the decorations. I was basically picturing a Hallmark movie with a loving family laughing and doing arts & crafts together.

My mother quickly nipped that in the bud. She complained that she wanted all of us to relax and actually enjoy the wedding than to stress out and put in a lot of work. Eventually, I agreed. We decided to get some vendors but to still do our own thing with certain decorations like the seating chart, the signs throughout the ceremony and reception and the wedding favors.

Doing at least a little bit of DIYs will definitely save you some money. Not only will you be putting personal touches to your wedding, but you can use that extra money for whatever you think is more important. For us, it’s all about the food!

I do want to give a shout out to Etsy and Pinterest. If you are planning your wedding, these are your best friends! You’ll be able to find tons of ideas and shops off of Etsy that’ll make your idea come to life.

Some do-it-yourself things that were doing for our wedding are as follows.

Wine table numbers

At first, we were not even going to do assigned seating. I don’t know when we changed our minds, but we aren’t going back. Unfortunately, when you start adding ideas to your wedding the costs go up. Now, we have to create a seating chart and label the tables. This all means more headaches for me.

Despite the headaches for me, I think this is an awesome way to show how creative we are and to put a little bit more of ourselves in the wedding. We decided to do wine labels to number the tables, cool right? My favorite app for doing all my wedding DIY’s is Etsy. They have everything! If you’ve thought of it then that means someone else has as well. I searched “wine table numbers” on Etsy and so many items popped up, thankfully.

We also talked to our venue and they are providing us with empty wine bottles to use for the tables. That means, one less thing for me to stress about.



Wedding signs

This past April, I actually had to plan a formal and I was happy to take on this job because I knew it would prepare me for my wedding. One thing that I was so excited about was the seating chart sign. I worked really hard at creating the sign until my vision became a reality. I was so excited and proud of myself and the formal turned out being a hit.

Some wedding signs that we’re doing as DIY’s are the wedding entrance sign, the guest book sign and the seating chart. These are all still in the works but I am so excited for how they’re going to turn out, but the one thing about DIY wedding items is that even if you design the item yourself, you should still have it professionally printed, since it is an important aspect of your wedding day (and the guest book will be an important item for years to come, as well). There are many printing companies around Georgia, but one that is highly recommended for doing quality work (which is very important for wedding signage!) is BuckBlue.


About BuckBlue


BuckBlue is a printing shop located in Atlanta. They create banners, copies, stationery and business cards. What makes BuckBlue so amazing is that they put all their focus on their reliable service and their dependable quality. They provide fast online printing for both businesses and homes. Their mission is “to provide technically innovative, highest-quality printing that sets the standard for the industry“. You can easily receive a quote from them by filling out their form online.

Whenever I get products from a company, I do a lot of research. The great thing about BuckBlue is their reviews. This printing company has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau and rave reviews from customers online. They’re definitely a company to check out if you need high-quality print jobs for your business or personal life. They can definitely help you make your wedding seating chart or entrance sign vision come to life.

Wedding favors

For wedding favors I am absolutely stumped! From some of our trusted friends, they say “don’t do wedding favors because no one remembers them and they’re a waste of money” (I kind of feel the same way). From others, I hear of all the fun ideas that they’ve seen or done. For example, giving out packets of wildflower seeds or fans because it’ll be hot outside during the wedding, and even mix-tapes that resemble vinyl records. All of these ideas are so cute and fun, but none of them are Jacob and I, unfortunately. This leads me to being stumped.

So far, we bought little boxes and ribbon to put whatever we go with in them.

We have several ideas in the works: read more

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Building a Strong Marriage

Hello everyone!
As most of you know, Jacob and I are getting married in August of this year and I am SO excited! (he definitely is also) Ever since we got engaged we have been trying to protect our relationship and make sure we are heading in the right direction.
This post is all about the things that we have been doing to ensure that we are loving each other in the right ways and doing marriage right.
I have a whole blog post dedicated to the books that we have read so far. They include Love that Lasts by Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke and Things I wish I’d Known Before We Got Married by Gary Chapman.
Check out that blog post by clicking (must read books). Those are awesome books that we learned a lot from.
Another book that we are adding to this list is The Naked Marriage. This is about a lovely couple, Dave and Ashley Willis. They have a podcast which goes by the same name also. What I love about them is that they talk about real marriage issues and how the Bible has advice and lessons about what we’re going through. Jacob and I thoroughly enjoy their podcast and we’re excited for their book. Get your copy here, The Naked Marriage.
Jacob has definitely got me into listening to podcasts. One that I am super into now, (but I can’t listen to too often because I get scared) is True Crime Garage, completely off topic, but that’s an awesome podcast that you should check out.
Other than that, an awesome relationship podcast that we listen to regularly is Rise Together. This one is about Rachel and Dave Hollis and they give advice and tips on how to love each other. They are extremely relatable and refreshing, they talk about sex, how to plan as a couple and how to workout as a couple. They also post videos on Facebook, it’s nice to watch them talk to each other and interact with their followers.
The other relationship podcast that we have been loving is The Naked Marriage, which I just mentioned. I love this one so much because they relate everything back to Jesus and what God plans for us in a marriage. It’s amazing to hear another couple that love each other and love Jesus explain marriage. They also talk about sex, affairs and topics such as if “the one” exists.
You guys should definitely check out these podcasts!
Something that Jacob and I have started to do and we want to continue throughout our marriage is seeking counsel. The Bible talks about seeking wise counsel and we are actively trying to reach out to couples that love Jesus, love their spouse and have wisdom to share.
So Jacob and I decided to start premarital counseling. We have only gone to one session, unfortunately. But with Jacob being active duty and us having a very limited amount of time together it is quite difficult to schedule our counseling sessions. But still! We have benefited and are determined to keep attending.
A place that is local here in Georgia is Ray of Hope Counseling Services. They offer professional counseling and therapy services in Georgia. They pride themselves on helping, healing, and strengthening people to overcome challenges that come in life and any changes that occur. They provide therapy and counseling for individuals, couples and groups.
Lynn Thompson Umstead is the clinical director of Ray of Hope Counseling Services and she is passionate about working with women who experience infertility issues, blended families and couples. Lynn cares about her work and the clients that come through Ray of Hope Counseling Services, which is amazing. Ray of Hope Counseling Services accepts all insurance and medicaid which is extremely helpful and all of the therapists are licensed and have specialty certifications and training.
I think that it is extremely important to seek therapy even when you don’t think you need it. If you have any questions or want more information head over to their page, Ray of Hope Counseling Services.
Another thing Jacob and I do is devotionals. I have a nice little devotion book that we go over every night and this consists of us just reading the devotion and talking about it. This is a simple thing that we do that I think really helps our relationship. I also have a blog post about this topic if you want to know more about what we do.
Check out that blog post by clicking (How we stay connected).
These are all things that have worked out for Jacob and I, I would love to hear about any other tips or advice that you all have.We are always seeking ways that we can be better in our relationship.

***This is a sponsored post, written by myself and sponsored by Ray of Hope Counseling Services.***

Thanks for stopping by.
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