3 Ways to Stick to Your Grocery Shopping Budget

I’ll be the first to admit that married life has been amazing. I have heard tons of people say living with someone is so different, that you really learn about someone’s quirks and bad habits. While this is definitely true, I still wouldn’t trade it for anything. read more

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2nd & Charles

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope that you are all having a great weekend so far, I sure am.

I want to share with you all my love for an amazing store, 2nd & Charles.

I would always drive by this store and I never knew what it was. South Florida doesn’t have any 2nd & Charles’s unfortunately. But finally, I decided to just go in and see what they had to offer. Thank God, because I fell in love.

2nd & Charles is the ultimate place for those that love books, but they have so much more than that. They have records,  comics, musical instruments, movies, kids toys, gaming systems and electronics… basically, they have it all!

What’s really cool about 2nd & Charles is their buy back system. They’ll take your old books, movies and electronics (which I’m sure most of us have a lot of). It’s really simple and they have signs everywhere telling you how it works.

How it works:

  • Go to their buy back area
  • Fill a basket with your items
  • Someone will check you in and give you a ticket
  • Wait around 20-30 minutes for them to evaluate your items
  • Receive your amount

Every time that I have sold my books to them it has probably taken about 20 minutes to get my amount back but it always depends on how busy they are. They give you an amount that you would receive in cash and an amount that you would receive in store credit and you choose whichever you prefer.  I take all my old books here because I know someone will buy it back from 2nd & Charles and they’ll appreciate them.

Another thing I absolutely love about this place is their prices. Seriously, I have bought books for $3-$5 that cost probably around $20 or more at Barnes & Noble.

Books that I tend to stick with are those from Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez and I’m almost done reading all of them. I’m quite skeptical of reading books from authors that I’m not familiar with. But something that 2nd & Charles does is set up little “stations” of new books, or themed stations, like this one:

It helps to introduce new books to their customers which  is an awesome idea.

If you have time or a 2nd & Charles around you then you should definitely check them out! The staff are always so friendly and it’s an awesome place to just spend an hour looking around.

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