Living Green Fresh Market: A Review

This is a post from 2014. It has been updated with more information about Green Market Pompano Beach & Living Green Farmers Market. 

Saturdays were made for farmers markets, and unfortunately, I haven’t been going to the markets recently. But then I came across a farmer’s market in Pompano Beach, called Pompano Beach Green Market (visit their Facebook page).… Read some more

PCOS and how I'm dealing with it

About a year ago I went to a simple gynecologist visit and I was informed that I had a cyst , caused from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I kind of felt like something was wrong with me in that area (your body will let you know when something is off, you just have to listen to it) I wasn’t surprised when she told me this news but I was frightened.… Read some more

You know it's finals week when……..

It’s Monday I have no classes or work, so what do I do? Everything BESIDES studying… It sucks and I’ll regret it when I don’t see an A on my exam BUT I had a beautiful day! I went to Living color garden center which is about 3 minutes away from my house and I explored.… Read some more

Little newspaper pots

Whenever I go to school I grab myself a copy of The New York Times, one of my favorite games to play that is in the newspaper is Ken Ken which is a pretty cool number game that kind of gets me frustrated but is fun.… Read some more

My great pumpkin adventure

Hello November!
This month has already started out to be a wonderful month (well for me, and hopefully for you too) the weather has been lovely down here in South Florida, hopefully it won’t leave us anytime soon.
Well, a couple of weeks ago I purchased my very first pumpkin from Trader Joe’s for $3.50.… Read some more