You know it's finals week when……..

It’s Monday I have no classes or work, so what do I do? Everything BESIDES studying… It sucks and I’ll regret it when I don’t see an A on my exam BUT I had a beautiful day! I went to Living color garden center which is about 3 minutes away from my house and I explored.… Read some more

Little newspaper pots

Whenever I go to school I grab myself a copy of The New York Times, one of my favorite games to play that is in the newspaper is Ken Ken which is a pretty cool number game that kind of gets me frustrated but is fun.… Read some more


So I have some great news! I created a raised garden bed! Yesterday I mentioned to my dad about how I could create my own raised garden bed and there are tonssss of ways that you can accomplish this. My dad came up with a cheap way to do this.… Read some more

Sunflower sprouts

A while ago I was at the farmers market in Hollywood, Fl and this guy came up to me with bags on sunflower sprouts and he was so excited to tell me all about them. He said that he sings to them and treats them as his own children when they’re growing, it was a little weird but it was so great to see someone so fascinated by these little green things, so I bought a bag full.… Read some more