Little newspaper pots

Whenever I go to school I grab myself a copy of The New York Times, one of my favorite games to play that is in the newspaper is Ken Ken which is a pretty cool number game that kind of gets me frustrated but is fun. Over the past couple of weeks I have accumulated a lot of newspapers and I don’t want to just throw them away so I googled some different ways I could use them and I came across newspaper pots! Why didn’t I think of this before?! Well I purchased tons of seeds from Seeds Now and I haven’t planted them all so I decided to make a newspaper pot and get some plants started in those on my window sill.   image2 image3 image4  image5 image6 image7 image8 image9

This is very easy and simple, gardening doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, just requires patience and creativity.

I’ve been having trouble growing my lavender seeds, I’ve tried planting them twice outside so I decided to plant them inside and see if that changes anything, I also read that lavender likes dry soil so it’s good to mix the soil with sand. Hopefully this works for me. This is my second newspaper pot, the first one I made I planted summer bibb lettuce and they are growing so nicely.


Literally the first thing I do in the morning is look at my plants and see how much they’ve grown, they give me so much joy, it’s so nice to see them blossom out of nothing!

Happy Saturday ❤

My great pumpkin adventure

Hello November!

This month has already started out to be a wonderful month (well for me, and hopefully for you too) the weather has been lovely down here in South Florida, hopefully it won’t leave us anytime soon.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I purchased my very first pumpkin from Trader Joe’s for $3.50. I was ecstatic to open this pumpkin up and make all kinds of things with it, other people do it this time of year so why have I waited so long to do it?! Thankfully the wait was finally over, today I decided to open that bad boy up. It was an absolutely gorgeous day in South Florida, it was about 70-something degrees outside, God has truly blessed us Floridians with chilly weather.  I just had to take advantage of this and do some outdoors stuff, so my sister and I decided to cut up the pumpkin outside. We grabbed a blanket, a bowl, knifes, spoons and of course the pumpkin.

image (16) image (17) image (18) image (19)

image (23) image (22)

So after all the cutting up was done, we transferred our party to the kitchen. I heated up the oven to 350 degrees, washed my pumpkin pieces and coated them with coconut oil and salt and popped them into the oven. (This is only half of the pumpkin, the other half I washed and placed in the freezer to enjoy later) 😀

image (21)

I left them in the oven for about an hour, you should keep it in there until a knife can slice through the pieces easily.

image (20)

After they came out of the oven I left them cool down for another hour. While they were cooling down I decided to start on my pumpkin seeds. I took half of the batch and coated them with vanilla, Cinnamon, and sugar, while the other batch was just coated with salt and olive oil. Now with these seeds all of the recipes that I read said to leave them in there for 65 minutes. I didn’t even leave my seeds in there for that long and guess what?………They burned. I guess you win some and you lose some. I have no idea what I did wrong but I’m going to try again. Successfully roasting my own pumpkin seeds was what I looked forward to the most and I refuse to give up.

image (25)

So unfortunately these little suckers went straight in the trash.

Well after all that sadness I had to go back to my roasted pumpkin! I skinned the pieces and placed them into my Nutribullet with a little bit of water.

image (24)

It came out so nice and creamy. I have yet to do anything with my puree but I promise you I will do soooo much with it.

Here’s what will come up on my next blog post:

  • Pumpkin
    • bread + cornbread
    • pie
    • smoothie
    • fudge
    • butter