The Beginning of My Organic Garden

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I decided to start my own organic garden recently. I’ve been going to farmers markets for a couple months now and I decided if these people can harvest their own food and create wonderful things with them, then so can I! I’m starting out small with just tomatoes and micro greens just to see if I do have a green thumb or not.  Eventually I want to have lettuce, peppers, every kind of herbs, basically everything that you can possibly plant. I did buy more seeds but I don’t want to waste them. Since I’m only a beginner, I want to know everything I can about gardening before I get too ahead of myself.

I started researching what kind of vegetables are best for this time of year and in South Florida. Well, it turns out that this time of year isn’t the most ideal time to START your garden. I’m obviously a little late. But I’m doing it anyway. South Florida doesn’t get too cold, so hopefully I’ll be good with what I planted.

IMG_5293 is a great place to check out, it’s one of my favorite sites right now.  They break down month to month which veggies, flowers and herbs are best to plant during each month. In October, kale, broccoli and even lettuce (I’m very excited to start growing lettuce) are ideal to plant.
So I started with buying my micro green seeds from Whole Foods. It was $3.49 and I’m hoping that it was worth it.

After just 4 days my micro greens are starting to sprout.

I mixed some organic potting mix and plant food into my container and planted my seeds, I keep them at my window sill, (you can keep them at outside or inside).

Every day I water them and this morning I woke up, opened up my window and my little greens are noticeable! I’m so excited for when they fully start to come out.
With my micro greens, I planted tomatoes, now these take a little longer to grow, and I keep them outside.

I’ve also been researching on indoor plants that help with improving the air quality, and I found out that Gerbera Daisies remove trichloroethylene. They also filter out benzene. They need a lot of light but they are so beautiful. Those are what I’m going to plant next and I’ll keep you posted!


1. Be careful what seeds you’re buying

If you’re trying to grow 100% organic, many seed companies claim that they are non-gmo but they’re supplied by Monsanto/Seminis. They best way to buy seeds would be online, in my opinion, because Lowe’s or Home Depot have a limited selection and they are generally seeds from Monsanto. That goes for potting mix and plant food, even though the product says organic buying from these companies that also sell gmo products is kind of supporting them, so for my first organic garden I went to Home Depot and bought my plant food and potting mix but from now on I’m going to buy online so I’m not supporting these companies.

2. Do your research

This one was hard for me. I was so overwhelmed with books, tips and articles online, it was just too much information for me. My tip for you is to find one or two good well known books and base your garden off of that. Once you start to get the hang out it you’ll no longer need the books.

Things you’ll need for your organic garden:

Gardening Tool Set for less than $20

Click the image to get yours

The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible for less than $15

Click the image to get yours

Set of 30 pack seeds for less than $11

Click the image to get yours

Do you have a garden that you’re growing? I’d love to hear all about it and any tips that you may have.

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I cannot wait to share with you all everything that is coming! If you have any recommendations of what I should write about next please share, I want to write about what you want to read about.

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