The Naked Marriage: A Review

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Hello all!

I hope you all are having a great Sunday.

Today it is beautiful outside and I’m stuck inside doing homework and catching up on things. But I wanted to share with you all my review of The Naked Marriage.

The Naked Marriage is a book by Dave & Ashley Willis. I first heard of these two while visiting Steven’s Creek Church in Augusta, Georgia. Jacob was so excited to see them and I just didn’t really understand why, but then I listened to them and I loved their message.

Since this, Jacob and I started listening to their podcast, which goes by the same name, A Naked Marriage and I ordered their book right when it came out! I was excited to read it.


If you’ve read my previous posts then you may have came across my post on must read relationship advice books.

In this post I talked about:

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The Naked Marriage is another book to add to this list.

About The Naked Marriage

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The book goes through chapters such as Naked Good, Naked Sex, Naked Communication and so on.

What I love about this book is that Dave and Ashley work hard to follow what God wants them to do. They are not afraid to say what is wrong and what is right. For example, porn is not acceptable ever. I think that this is something that in today’s society is seen as acceptable. It’s something that we learn about and most of us watch early on, like in high school (which is CRAZY).

During each chapter, the book goes back and forth from Dave to Ashley, (and they definitely tell you which one you’re reading) so you can get both of their perspectives on the subject.

While Jacob is gone I’ve been reading this book so I decided to leave little notes in between the pages. Whenever I came across a topic that I wanted to talk about later or cute little inside jokes, I wrote a note.

This is something that I highly suggest doing!

A topic that stuck out to me:

Naked Forgiveness

This chapter was extremely important to me, I am the worst at forgiving (which is horrible of me and it’s definitely something that I am working on).

In this chapter Dave says  “While forgiveness is important, I think marriages would be better off by simply avoiding the offense in the first place”. He then goes on to tell us women what hurts men. This includes the following:

  • “A wife can unknowingly and unintentionally hurt her husband’s feelings when she double-checks or corrects his work on simple tasks”
  • “A wife may unintentionally hurt her man by consistently rejecting his sexual advances”
  • “The wife consistently expresses desire for things the family budget can’t afford”
  • “When the wife doesn’t say thank you because she assumes her husband knows he’s appreciated”

Jacob and I have learned what works best for us (we are still learning) and I think this book definitely helped me to become more aware of what I am saying, how I’m saying it and what it does to our relationship.

If you’ve read this book or have any other books to recommend please let me hear them!

I hope you guys have a great Sunday!

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