Tips on Being Productive

I think it’s safe to say that we all have those days that go by and we’re left wondering, “What did I even do today?”, quite frankly I’ve had too many of those. Over time I have learned what works for me. Everyone is different, it’s important for you to find what works best for you!

First and foremost, wake up early

I know those that are not morning people are absolutely dreading this and that’s okay! Waking up early is something that you definitely have to get used to. I usually wake up around 6 am when I don’t have pt. This may be a little earlier than you’re used to and if waking up at 6 doesn’t work for you then take small steps! Start by waking up maybe an hour earlier than you’re used to and see how that works out. For me this is key to be able to have a productive day. Along with waking up early comes going to sleep early as well. Getting a good nights rest is of the utmost importance to having a productive day the next day.

Write out your goals

You have probably heard this one over and over again but the reason is because it works! I buy these planners from Michael’s that have cute designs (When you go to buy anything at Michael’s google their coupon before you check out so you can get a discount). I write everything in my planner even things that I know I’m not going to forget and I leave this planner open on my desk. This helps me to stay on track with what I’m doing and what I’m supposed to do in the future, it’s like an accountability check on myself.

Eat a big & healthy breakfast

If you haven’t noticed by now, I kind of revolve everything around eating. If I have work or an event I make sure I plan what I’m eating before, in between and after. You might not be the same way, you might not even eat breakfast but I challenge you to find that one meal that is healthy AND that you like to eat for breakfast one week and see if that makes any difference for you. I used to try to force myself to eat healthy foods and that only left me miserable and hungry for the bad stuff. I decided to focus on what I do like and make that healthy. For example, I tried eating oatmeal, I know it’s really good for you but I just can’t do it! It doesn’t matter how good it tastes I just cannot eat it. BUT I do love eggs! I have learned that I function so much better when I eat a good egg breakfast. So now, instead of making scrambled eggs with tons cheese and bread I’ll eat two eggs over easy with fruit and sourdough bread.

Take a break and go outside

THIS is so important! Florence Williams, a journalist and author, wrote The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative. This book explores the research behind nature providing health benefits and how important this information is to society today. There are times when I stay inside all day because I’m working on school work, cleaning the house or working on projects and I don’t go outside not even once! I can’t tell you how horrible I feel at the end of the day when I do this. We focus all our attention on technology and don’t realize how draining that is to our mental health and to our productivity. Things that I have been trying to do is take my laptop outside on the back porch and do my work outside. So then I can the best of both worlds!

Be grateful

Throughout the day you can catch me saying “Thank you God” under my breath. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the things that you have to get done for the day and the week. But how I stay productive is by stopping, whether it’s while I’m driving or walking somewhere, and thanking God for what has happened so far in my life and what is to come. This helps me to be productive because it helps me to ‘recharge’ and gives me the confidence to tackle whatever I’m taking on next.


Yes, I cannot stress this enough! Even if your workout is just 30 minutes that will help you be so much more productive. I find that for myself when I run I feel SO MUCH better. The feeling is so amazing. I have never found anything that makes me feel the way running makes me feel and I challenge you to find your thing! For some, it may be a Zumba class, or yoga, or lifting weights. Your body needs physical exercise. 

Take a break from your normal routine and work from home

I find for myself that when I get stuck in a routine I tend to not grow. Instead, I’m stuck in the same place producing the same results. If you’re the same way, iMedX can help you!

iMedX is an awesome company that offers employment to those that want to stay in the comfort of their home but still make money. iMedX provides health information and clinical documentation throughout the United States. The culture of this company is surrounded by integrity, the customer, continuous improvement, trust, innovative technology, value and quality. With this company you can work as a medical transcriptionist. This is an awesome opportunity for those that are interested in working with hospitals, especially for those that are local to Augusta, Georgia and are in that medical community. iMedX offers benefits such as paid time off and continuing education reimbursement all while allowing you to have a flexible work schedule.



If you’re looking to be more productive I hope my tips have helped you. Remember, do what works best for you!

If you have any other tips please share!



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