What To Do in Bisbee, Arizona

I have been living in Southern Arizona for a couple of months now. Since I’ve been here, I have heard about this little placed called Bisbee. There is magic and wonder when people describe this place, I was extremely intrigued.

If you’ve visited Bisbee, Arizona or a small town like it, comment below. I would love to hear all about it!

About Bisbee, Arizona

“Located 90 miles southeast of Tucson and nestled among the Mule Mountains, Bisbee is the picturesque county seat of historic Cochise County.

The community was founded in 1880, and quickly became a thriving urban center, driven by a booming mining industry that thrived on the area’s rich reserves of copper and precious metals.

Today, Bisbee’s extraordinarily well-preserved early-twentieth-century downtown draws visitors from around the world, who appreciate its historic architecture, it’s welcoming, creative spirit and its cool climate. Bisbee also serves as an ideal overnight home-base for visitors – birders, hikers, wine-tasters, music-appreciators, and others who wish to explore our geologically, biologically and culturally rich “Sky Islands” region. “

Check out their website for more information: Discover Bisbee & BisbeeAZ.

Antique Shops

I LOVE antique shops. Growing up my parents would drag me to antique shops and thrift stores and I hated it! I don’t know what it is about getting older, but now they are my favorite. You can find so many unique items, it’s incredible.

Here are some places that we visited:

Classic Rock Couture

This amazing little shop was filled with vintage clothes that I wish I looked good in! Check out their Etsy shop here: Classic Rock Couture


Items I’m loving from Classic Rock Couture’s Etsy Shop:


Halter Tops

White Monsoon Swoon halter top  criss cross back  one size image 0


Womens 70s Desert Horizons cutout tank  Soft 1970s style image 0

Old Bisbee Brewing Company

Old Bisbee is a micro brewery located in the heart of Old Bisbee.

Not only do they have beer, but you can also rent out their ‘penthouse’ to stay for a night. Check them out here: Old Bisbee Brewing Company

The beer that I tried is the ‘Salut!’, here is how they describe it:

“Don’t like beer? Try Salut! Some say it tastes a bit like Prosecco or sweet Champagne. French brewers developed this beverage in the late nineteenth century as an answer to the Great Wine Blight. We use champagne yeast, and extracts of peach and Bulgarian elderberry flower in this crystal clear refreshment. GLUTEN FREE – ABV 4.8%”

It was an interesting beer, I had never tried anything like it. But you have to be careful because it is SO easy to drink, you’ll get drunk fast.

They also sell some food items, such as bratwurst & chips, chili and chili brat.


Although the day was nice and cool, we decided that we needed something refreshing. We stopped at the local Gelato shop. I got a scoop of their passion fruit gelato that was absolutely amazing. This shop is actually also located in Scottsdale, Arizona and Sedona, Arizona. Check them out here: Pussycat Gelato

Here is what they say “True Gelato” is:

The easiest way to assess gelato is simply by looking at it. True gelato has muted natural colors, nothing bright. Pistachios are not actually electric green, and neither are kiwis, while cantaloupes are light orange, not bright orange. Gelato should be the color of its ingredients slightly lightened by milk so when you see gelato that looks like neon, even in Italy, it means it’s jacked with ingredients not found in nature and should be skipped. Not every gelateria in Italy is good. PussyCat Gelato has no artificial colors, flavors. or preservatives. Our sorbets are vegan and gluten free. Our gelato is gluten free unless infused with a cookie, brownie or something of that nature.

They are extremely passionate about their product and it shows!

All of the art in Bisbee, Arizona

Bisbee, Arizona Views

Did you like this post about Bisbee, Arizona? I cannot wait to share with you all everything that is coming! If you have any recommendations of what I should write about next please let me know, I want to write about what you want to read about.

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  2. this place looks so kitschy and cute. if i ever do a roadtrip down the US i will have to add this to my list. thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for reading! It was extremely cute and pretty fun.

  3. My husband and I are embarking on a US road trip through the southwest this summer! We have never heard of Bisbee, Arizona, but will definitely have to add it to the list.

    1. That’s so exciting! I’d love to hear all about it!

  4. I have never heard of this town but it looks awesome! Thanks for sharing, I’m going to bookmark this for later when I’m ready for my trip there!

    1. Thanks for reading! Let me know how you like it.

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