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Zoe's Kitchen is an awesome fast casual restaurant that surprisingly has food that's good for you!

Let me tell you guys about the most amazing restaurant I have ever been to in my whole entire life. Yes, I am very excited to share this place with you guys, it’s Zoe’s Kitchen.


When I first moved to Augusta I was pretty disappointed coming from South Florida where there are TONS of food places. There are so many options and plenty of vegan/ vegetarian friendly places you really don’t have to do research to find one. Now here, you do have to do a little work. There are plenty Bo’Jangles, McDonald’s, Taco Bells and basically every other fast food “restaurant” you can think of. No wonder as of 2014 Georgia had the 19th highest adult obesity rate in the nation.
But thank the heavens that there is Zoe’s Kitchen.

About Zoe’s Kitchen

I’ve been to this place about 5 times now and it has never failed me. There are Zoe’s Kitchens in Florida ( Orlando area and north, no wonder I’ve never seen one), Georgia, Texas, Arizona and more. They have this whole “Live Mediterranean” theme going on. They have soups, salads sandwiches and kebabs! Most of the time when I go out to eat I feel like I’m getting short changed. Most places don’t take the time to cook good food for people that don’t eat meat, the same time and effort isn’t put into our food and frankly it sucks.

Let me tell you the process. It’s a fast casual place so you order at the register, take your number, sit down and just wait for them to bring your food. And when you’re done you have to resist all urges to clean up after yourself and leave your trash on the table for them to clean up after you.
Last time I ate here I got their veggie kebabs. It came with two kebabs filled with Portobello mushrooms, zucchini and onions. I’m not the craziest fan of zucchini, it has to be made right and guess what? Zoe’s knows what they’re doing with their vegetables. It also came with a salad (They make their own salad dressings that they have available for sale), pita bread and the best braised white beans I have ever had!

Can you tell I love this place?


I also love this place because I don’t feel crappy after I eat. I absolutely hate that feeling of guilt after I eat. This place doesn’t do that for me! I feel great and so proud of myself every time.
This place is a must try!
Let me know what you guys think.

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  3. One of my favorite restaurants. The rosemary beans are great!
    Great domain name!

    1. They are!
      Thanks so much ❤️

  4. I spent around 6 months in Georgia but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to come in here for a quick bite. Too sad 🙁 Anyway, thanks for sharing this and happy Wednesday to you too! 🙂

    1. Check to see if they have one where you live! It’s worth it <3

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